MEDIA ALERT: Drug Victim advocates and Expert Scientists and Physicians

Expert Scientists, Psychiatrists, a Primary Care Physician, a Leading Attorney, will shed light on FDA’s Review of selected data Re: Antidepressants and Adult Suicidality  One day prior to FDA’s  Advisory Committee Hearing, December 13.

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Assaultive Prescribing of Psych Drugs for Children

Australian psychiatrist: "Does anyone else see tardive dysmentia after atypicalantipsychotics?"

U.S. Doctors are prescribing the antidepressant, Effexor (150mg) for infants under age one!

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IRB Forum Not Inclined to Discuss the Most Serious Issue of All

Unssuccessful effort to engage debate within the community of the authorized clinical research gatekeepers charged with protecting the safety and welfare of the human subjects of research–i.e., members of institutional review boards (IRBs–REBs in Canada). Continue reading →