America’s Children Under Stress

America’s children are being victimized by public servants who abuse their authority: children’s physical and emotional health is under stress. The Rutherford Institute reports about a kindergartner who was suspended by Virginia school officials for crying in class.  Yesterday, we reported that . . . Continue reading →

How FDA Facilitated the Cost of a Drug to Skyrocket

The FDA granted market exclusivity to KV for an old drug that had been available from special pharmacies that custom-compound treatments not approved by the FDA, for $20 a shot. By granting KV market exclusivity, women could no longer obtain the drug, Makena, at a reasonable price– KV set the price at $1,500 a shot. Continue reading →

Inside Psychiatry’s Battle to Define Mental Illness

The authoritative expert who chaired the DSM-IV revision has become a formidable critic whose publicly expressed views about psychiatry’s diagnostic assessments and prescribed treatments–mostly chemical interventions–validate the criticism expressed by the Alliance for Human Research Protection for more than a dozen years. Continue reading →

Military Polypharmacy, PTSD: Deaths

"The problem of prescription overdose in the military has its parallel in civilian life. The tragic overdose victims in both spheres represent canaries in the coal mine–only the most obvious victims of what has become our national orgy of over using psychotropic drugs."  Allen Frances MD Continue reading →