Troubling Ethics: Anthrax Vaccine Experiments on Soldiers-Israeli, U.S.

“Direct Order”: An award-winning documentary (first released in 2003; updated and posted on YouTube in 2013) focuses on U.S. military personnel who were ordered to take the controversial anthrax vaccine against their will, who suffered life-changing adverse health effects as a result. . . . Continue reading →

Anthrax Vaccine: history, excessive stockpile & the human and Financial Costs


Anthrax Vaccine:  Its checkered history, excessive stockpile and the human and financial costs By Meryl Nass, MD* The current vaccine (Biothrax, manufactured by Emergent Biosolutions or EBS) has never been proved effective in humans. One human trial took place in the 1950s . . . Continue reading →

More CDC Dirty Work re: ANTHRAX Vaccine – Meryl Nass, MD

More CDC Dirty Work re: ANTHRAX Vaccine – Meryl Nass, MD Wed, 20 Nov 2002 More indications that non-medical considerations are influencing the government’s anti-bioterrorism vaccine policy. In her column on RedFlags Weekly, Dr. Meryl Nass, board member of The Alliance for . . . Continue reading →