Court Ruling: Injunction on Release of Zyprexa Documents

A federal Judge of the Eastern District (Brooklyn) issued a ruling upholding a seal on documents that contain evidence linking Zyprexa, Eli Lilly's antipsychotic drug to diabetes Continue reading →

More CDC Dirty Work re: ANTHRAX Vaccine – Meryl Nass, MD

More CDC Dirty Work re: ANTHRAX Vaccine – Meryl Nass, MD Wed, 20 Nov 2002 More indications that non-medical considerations are influencing the government’s anti-bioterrorism vaccine policy. In her column on RedFlags Weekly, Dr. Meryl Nass, board member of The Alliance for . . . Continue reading →

Hearing: Americans Denied Human Right to Say NO to Experimental Research Under FDA Rule

Tomorrow Hearing  FDA’s Emergency Research Rule–CNN News at 8:00 P.M will inform the public about how the FDA Rule impacts on American citizens who can be put at increased risk to test an experimental treatment without their knowledge or consent.

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ADHD Drug Risks: Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Problems

"This is out-of-control use of drugs that have profound cardiovascular consequences. We have got a potential public health crisis. I think patients and families need to be made aware of these concerns."

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Coalition letter to Charles Curie, Administrator, SAMHSA

We are, however, very distressed at what appears to us to be a significant discrepancy between your statements and the reality of SAMHSA’s role in implementing the NFC report recommendations, as well as other discrepancies between your statements and SAMHSA’s actions.
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