An Experimental Medical Atrocity Approved by Officials of the Indian Government

“Human beings are being treated like animals”  R.M. Lodha, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India An opinion article in The Sunday Guardian by Jacob Puliyel, MD, focuses on the plan to conduct unethical medical experiments in which  human beings . . . Continue reading →

N.I.H. Seeks OK to Fund Human-Animal Stem Cell Experiments

Beware the month of August – when Congress and many citizens are vacationing! Government bureaucrats favor August to issue announcements about radical medical research policy changes, for which taxpayer money is sought. They do so, to avoid public controversy about public funding of radical experimentation…

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A Recent Deadly Drug Experiment – BIA 10-2474 – Rennes, France

Stakeholders in the Medical research enterprise, in the European Union and in the U.S., claim that clinical trials conducted on human subjects adhere to strict safety standards. “One of the things that sets clinical trials apart from other scientific experiments is the . . . Continue reading →

Recent developments in gene transfer research: risk and ethics

Recent developments in gene transfer research: risk and ethics Mon, 10 Jan 2005 An analysis by Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman, in the British Medical Journal provides an illuminating, clearly articulated discussion about the ethical dilemmas that challenge gene transfer experiments – essentially a . . . Continue reading →

Cancer Trials: 60% to 70% of subjects are children – WSJ

July 26, 2002 Cancer Trials: 60% to 70% of subjects are children – Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal reports that there is a shortage of people volunteering to test experimental cancer drugs. “Overall, only 3% to 4% of cancer patients . . . Continue reading →

UK Chanel 4 Investigates: The Drug Trial That Went Wrong_Critique NEJM Editorial

“The Drug Trial That Went Wrong” is an investigative report by Chanel 4 (UK) about the circumstances surrounding the near fatal drug trial testing the safety of  TGN1412, a monoclonal antibody drug, conducted in March 2006 at London’s Northwick Park Hospital. [1]  It airs momorrow. Continue reading →