British Rethinking Rules After Ill-Fated Drug Trial_NYT

A front page report in The New York Times provides additonal information about the catastrophic TGN1412 medical experiment in which 6 previously healthy volunteers were intravenously injected with monoclonal antibody in a highly risky procedure.
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Disasterous Drug Trial_FDA New Rules Ensure More Disasters to Follow

Unless Congress acts to overrule the FDA, research disasters such as occurred in London, when six healthy men were exposed to an experimental substance that brought them close to death, are likely to occur with increased frequency. Continue reading →

Guinea Pig Gang: Meet U.S. Students Who Rent Their Bodies for Cash

A series of news reports may be a rude awakening to the fact that there are hidden, potentially lethal hazards of participating in clinical trials—and those hazards are concealed from the human guinea pigs who are enticed with promise of easy money. Continue reading →

AHRP Testimonies and Presentations

AHRP Testimonies and Presentations Sep 8, 2005: AHRP Testimony: NYS Hearing –AIDS Drug /Vaccine Experiments on Foster Children July 18, 2005: Cheaper than Chimpanzees Statement by Vera Hassner Sharav before the Committee on Ethical Consideration for Revisions to DHHS Regulations on Protection . . . Continue reading →

MAD IN AMERICA – important new book

January 7, 2002 FYI MAD IN AMERICA (Perseus Press), a new book by Robert Whitaker, a prize winning science journalist, is sure to cause a stir. Whitaker holds psychiatry’s feet to the fire by examining the evidence in the professional psychiatric literature, . . . Continue reading →