1. BMJ editor-in-chief called for an end to the debate about an autism link to multiple vaccines.

The BMJ defamation strategy was calculated not only to defame Dr. Wakefield; it sought to expunge the Lancet article from the medical scientific literature, to delegitimize scientific research delving into vaccine safety, and to deter others from examining the issue. Dr. Godlee pronounced emphatically: This is not a call to debate whether MMR causes autism. Science has asked that question and answered it.”[202]

For the editor of a medical journal to make such a fundamentally anti-science claim reveals just how far removed the issue of vaccine safety is from science. Dr. Godlee’s clarion call to “close the door”, is part of a concerted effort by a corporate-institutional juggernaut which is determined to cut off debate, quash further research, and end public discussion about troubling, unresolved vaccine safety issues. The BMJ articles penned by Deer, and Dr. Godlee’s editorials focusing about Dr. Wakefield and the Lancet article are a radical departure from accepted academic discourse and disputation. They are characteristic of tabloid journalism.

Science has not answered “that question”: genuine scientists never regard a subject closed to further examination; skepticism is a fundamental tenet of science. As long as the cause(s) of autism remains uncertain, the potential contribution of vaccines cannot be dismissed without thorough examination. The strong correlation between the increasingly aggressive vaccination schedule in the UK and the US and the ever increasing number of children whose lives are derailed by autism cannot be dismissed as irrelevant.

The stated reason given by the Institute of Medicine for its opposition to the exploration of a possible link between vaccines and autism is that such avenues of research “would call into question the universal vaccination strategy that is a bedrock of immunization programs could lead to widespread rejection of vaccines.[203] Dr. Bernadine Healy,* former director of the National Institutes of Health rejected such opposition to scientific examination. In her comments about the decision by the US Court of Federal Claims, (known as “the Vaccine Court”) which conceded that Hannah Poling’s exposure to five vaccinations on one day was the cause of her brain damage and autistic behavior, Dr. Healy lauded those who challenge “sacred medical dogma”:

Medicine has moved ahead only because doctors, researchers, and yes, families, have openly challenged even the most sacred medical dogma. At the risk of incurring the wrath of some of my dearest colleagues, I say thank goodness for the vaccine court.” [204]

The scope of the autism epidemic dwarfs the polio epidemics of the 1940s and 1950s.
Yet, the issue of vaccine-related injuries constitutes the untouchable, third rail in medicine. The evidence demonstrates how those with a stake in the business of vaccines not only concealed parts of the truth; they deployed “weapons of mass deception” to deceive by manufacturing contrived scenarios to make a litany of unfounded accusations, while suppressing evidence that lends validity to the other side of this most contentious public health issue.

The pandemic rise in autism has been brushed off by the likes of the Genetic Literacy Project (GLP)[205] as “a statistical mirage.” GLP is one of the numerous industry- sponsored “think tanks” secretly bankrolled by the chemical industry giants. They are flooding the internet with propaganda promoting industry’s agenda and enhancing the public image of the chemical/ pharmaceutical industry. Between May 12, 2017 and August 14, GLP disseminated 8 articles proclaiming genetics is to blame for autism.[206] [See Appendix 10: Cyber Propaganda – Weapons of Mass Deception]

Science has been institutionally distorted; hundreds of thousands of children have been, and continue to be harmed because no one in a position of authority would look at the evidence objectively. [See Appendix 9: Monumental betrayal of public trust] The editor-in-chief of the BMJ was enlisted to provide an academic sheen to a crucifixion; and she has delivered with the fervor of a zealot.

As was the case with Alfred Dreyfus, most people accepted the fabricated BMJ version of facts at face value, like a herd of sheep – including many professionals, who should have known better. The medical research community, for a variety of reasons, failed to use their professional skills to examine the evidence and open their eyes to see who is making the allegations, and what their financial motives might be. The medical community pretended that the High Court decision was not relevant to Dr. Wakefield’s case. They failed to examine the decision and to assess the very plausibility of the accusations against him. They failed to sound the alarm, or to recoil from the vicious attacks. No doubt, some were intimidated by how those who had raised substantive criticism were pilloried.