Government Consigned Israeli Population to be Human Subjects in a Massive Experiment

By Vera Sharav | February 1, 2021

BBC: “Israel bought large stocks of the [Covid-19] jab in exchange for acting as the world’s guinea pig.” On November 18, 2020, Israel’s senior health officials were caught unprepared when Pfizer announced that its vaccine was “90% effective” (revised to 95%) against Covid-19. They had ordered millions of vaccine doses from Moderna and AstraZeneca but…

German Court in Weimar Declares Lockdown Unconstitutional

By Vera Sharav | January 28, 2021

A LANDMARK legal decision declared that regional containment policies – including lockdowns, social distancing, prohibitions on gatherings by family or friends) are  UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The judge called the lockdowns a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people’s lives.” The judge ruled that the government violated the “inviolably guaranteed human dignity”…

Pfizer Admitted its Vaccine Does NOT Prevent Covid Infection

By Vera Sharav | January 14, 2021

Below, Meryl Nass, MD explains what is known and what remains unknown about the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. Her post was prompted by the fact that her state of Maine requires its Emergency Medical Teams, who refuse the experimental vaccine, to sign a “Declination Form” that contains False and Misleading statements. Luckily, there are several FDA-licensed…

The WHO Revised Covid-19 Infection/ Fatality Rate & the Great Barrington Declaration – Updated

By Vera Sharav | October 9, 2020

UPDATE 10/11/2020: The Great Barrington Declaration garnered more than 100,000 signatories by Oct. 8th, when Rddit and r/COVID-19 channel “moderators’ censored and removed the Declaration from their sites. Censorship of scientists reveals that genuine science and scientific discourse pose a major threat to those who exploit the COVID-19 Pandemic for political and financial self-interest. On October…


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    03. 2020. Coronavirus Pandemic: Is It Time to Wind Down the Rhetoric? , Jacob Puliyel , The Wire

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    02. 2020. Proposed School Exclusion Bad for America’s Kids, Doctors and Educators Say , Jennifer Margulis

    02. 2020. Education: An Open Letter on Exemptions , Edward F. Fogerty, III

    02. 2020. Protecting Yourself from Covid-19 , Meryl Nass

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    03. 2019. A sample of vaccine and injectable medication tragedies in the US during my lifetime , Meryl Nass

    03. 2019. The Skinny on Pertussis, Vaccines and Enforced Mandates , Meryl Nass

    03. 2019. My testimony on vaccine exemptions to the Maine joint Education and Cultural Affairs Committee , Meryl Nass

    03. 2019. Indisputable: CDC is not making prudent vaccine recommendations , Meryl Nass

    03. 2019. OP-ED: Why Americans don’t trust vaccine makers , Meryl Nass

    01. 2019. Challenging The Promotion Of Antidepressants For Non-Severe Depression , John Noble, Jr. , Alain Braillon, and Joel Lexchin, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavia

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  • COVID Plans Include Family Separation & Involuntary Quarantine in “Camps”

    November 10, 2020

    CDC calls for “isolation camps” as part of a “Shielding Plan”. The plan subjects U.S. Citizens and residents who are deemed “high risk” for Covid-19 to be forcibly removed from their families and homes, and…

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    The Worst Covid Decision-Making Failures & the Dire Consequences

    November 5, 2020

    Two prominent British authorities on evidence-based medicine recently highlighted the ten worst UK Covid policy decision-making failures.  Their sobering critique applies equally to the bungling of US senior public health officials at the National Institutes…

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    Is Required Mask Wearing Medically or Scientifically Justified?

    October 26, 2020

    This post addresses the evidence about the validity of requirements to wear MASKS as a protection against an airborne virus. 1, The lack of supporting science is documented. For example, 5 studies by the National…

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    “What Kind of a Country Have We Become?”

    September 27, 2020

    Mass Protests in London Against 2nd Lockdown, mandatory vaccination & face masks   Protesters in Trafalgar Square, London were standing up for freedom of expression and human rights. They then walked to Hyde Park where…

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    Growing Alarm Among Physicians about the Harm Caused by Lockdown

    September 19, 2020

    Below is an Open Letter from medical doctors and health professionals in Belgium, expressing  alarm about the serious harm caused by the utterly unjustifiable restraints on the population. They call for “an end to all…

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    Shame on Research Gate for CENSORSHIP of HCQ Meta-Analysis

    September 11, 2020

    Why did Research Gate scrub/ remove this Meta-Analysis (meaning a scientific review of multiple scientific studies)? The article, Effective and Safe for the Treatment of COVID-19 It is accessible in full here: [This updates an…

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    Beware Anthrax Vaccine Tests_Children At Risk

    September 10, 2020

    In February 2013, Meryl Nass, MD and I wrote a lengthy letter to Amy Gumann, PhD, Chair of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues and President, University of Pennsylvania, in which we…

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    How a False COVID-19 Narrative Was Created & Sustained for Six Months

    August 20, 2020

    Dr. Meryl Nass has compiled a damning checklist that keeps increasing; it currently lists 47 fully documented facts that constitute a case against government officials’ collusion to demonize an effective existing medicine. They even designed…

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    A Rising Tide of Medical Voices & Informed Citizens Denounce the Lies and Suppression of the Truth

    August 7, 2020

    A rising tide of medical voices denounce the lies about the virus and the suppression of the truth about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc and azithromycin. Dr. Stella Immanuel dispels the public…

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    The Globalists View Pandemics as a High Profit Investment Opportunity

    July 12, 2020

       “The last thing anyone is looking for is profit.”  — Donald Trump, US President, The coronavirus pandemic has exposed an intricate global web of corruption; a virus far more insidious than Covid-19. The virus…

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    The Truth About the Status of Covid-19; the Effectiveness of HCQ & Novel Treatment Approaches

    July 9, 2020

    The good news is that Covid-19 is losing its epidemic status because of the continuing decline in the number of deaths from |Covid-19 and pneumonia, as confirmed by the  CDC on July 3rd: “Based on…

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    How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative Was Created

    June 28, 2020

    Below, Dr. Meryl Nass reviews a long list of corrupt practices that undermine the integrity of medical science and the practice of medicine during the current  medical crisis. The coronavirus crisis has been made significantly…

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    Covid-19 Has Turned Public Health Into a Lethal, Patient-Killing Experimental Endeavor

    June 20, 2020

    Dr. Meryl Nass has uncovered a hornet’s nest of government sponsored Hydroxychloroquine experiments that were designed to kill severely ill, Covid-19 hospitalized patients. On June 14th Dr. Nass first identified two Covid-19 experiments in which…

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    Institutionalized Racial Bias in Public Health: Inferior Care, Callous Disregard & Increased Deaths

    June 16, 2020

    “Whether it’s unconscious, explicit, institutional or research bias, discrimination in the health care system contributes to the stark disparities seen in how COVID-19 sickens and kills patients of color, health care experts agree.” USA Today…

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    India Nails CDC- Funded Lethal Bio Weapon Experiments

    June 8, 2020

    A Newsweek video report states that US intelligence agencies now acknowledge the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic had spread globally from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China — not from the Wuhan market.…

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    Lancet Editor Spills the Beans and Britain’s PM Surrenders to the Gates Vaccine Cartel

    June 5, 2020

    Philippe Douste-Blazy, MD, a cardiologist and former French Health Minister who served as Under-Secretary General of the United Nations; he was a candidate in 2017 for Director of the World Health Organization. In a videotaped…

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    Updated: Lancet Published a Fraudulent Study: Editor Calls it “Department of Error”

    June 2, 2020

    On May 22, 2020, The Lancet published “Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine With or Without A Macrolide For Treatment of COVID-19: a Multinational Registry Analysis”.  The  study was described as an observational study purportedly involving more than…

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    Brazilian Scientists Speak Out Against Corrupted “Science” & the Use of Inhumane Study Methods

    May 27, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been exploited by government-sponsored medical scientists who dispensed with foundational international medical ethics standards that were adopted by the world community following the revelations of wartime Nazi medical atrocities. The Nuremberg…

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    COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport = Instant Global Dictatorship

    May 25, 2020

    In March, I reported about an invasive microchip tattoo that was designed specifically to facilitate enforcement of children’s vaccination. The microchip technology was developed at the personal request of Bill Gates. I noted that “ultimately,…

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    The Critical Case for Ending Our Shutdown: Scott Atlas, MD

    May 20, 2020

    Time to let the people go!  Dr. Fauci, you’ve held sway for far too long…   “Policymakers and the public have not received several key messages that are critical to alleviate fear and guide a…

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    What is Gain-of-Function Research & Who is at High Risk?

    May 19, 2020

    “Gain-of-function” is the euphemism for biological research aimed at increasing the virulence and lethality of pathogens and viruses. GoF research is government funded; its focus is on enhancing the pathogens’ ability to infect different species…

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    Is COVID-19 the Result of a US Government- Funded Experiment in China?

    May 16, 2020

    Meryl Nass, MD, sheds light on inconvenient facts that should be considered when assessing the likely origin of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This is a contentious subject that government officials and proponents of “gain-of-function” experimentation…

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    Plague of Corruption Puts Human Lives at Risk

    May 9, 2020

    Judy Mikovits PhD, a molecular biologist who joined the National Institutes of Health in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute where she conducted research for 22 years with…

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    Fauci’s Promotional Hype Catapults Gilead’s Remdesivir

    May 6, 2020

    What if any, Scientific or Empirical Evidence Supports Use of Remdesivir as “Standard of Care”? Unlike other drugs being tested against the new coronavirus, remdesivir hasn’t received official approval for any use in normal conditions…

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    Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Requiring Dr. Fauci to Provide Documents Re: China

    May 5, 2020
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    Doctors Against Government-Dictated Rigid Medical Guidelines & Restrictions

    May 4, 2020

    Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, PhD is an oncologist on the faculty of Columbia University. He is also a Pulitzer Prize author of several books [See below] In his article, How Does the Coronavirus Behave Inside…

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