December 28

1978–1981: Is HIV-AIDS linked to CDC’s Hepatitis B Vaccine Experiment?

In 1978–1981, the CDC conducted a hepatitis B vaccine experiment on homosexual men living in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. HIV/AIDS was first detected among the participants in the CDC hepatitis B vaccine trial and quickly spread throughout the gay community in those cities. A body of evidence, including a detailed statistical analysis of the documented time line of when HIV infection was detected in the men’s blood and reported to the CDC. Dissidents who have studied the available published data are convinced that this ill-conceived experiment precipitated the devastating AIDS epidemic in America’s homosexual community. The gay men in the experiment were injected with a vaccine that had been made using human hepatitis B infected blood which was injected into chimpanzees known to be infected with the cancer causing simian virus 40 (SV40); the virus that had contaminated the polio vaccine.

Before these CDC experiments there were no reported cases of HIV or AIDS in America. The AIDS epidemic was officially declared by CDC in 1981, at the conclusion of the experiment. Yet, in the NEJM published report (1980) researchers proclaimed the vaccine “safe and incidence of side effects low,” and claimed a 96% success rate. They failed to mention the emergence of a new disease affecting some of the subjects.

The men in the Manhattan experiment had the highest rate of HIV ever recorded for that time period: 20% were discovered to be HIV-positive in 1980, and over 40% in 1984. In addition, a re-examination of the stored blood samples from an AIDS trial in NYC by epidemiologists at the National Cancer Institute in 1999, found that one out of five gay men (20%) tested positive for the new KS herpes-8 virus (Kaposi’s Sarcoma virus in 1982.

Before 1978 no stored blood anywhere in the US tested positive for either HIV or the Kaposi’s Sarcoma virus (which was not identified until 1994).

An extraordinary PBS taped interview (1987) with medical historian Edward Shorter and Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck’s foremost vaccine developer acknowledged that the polio vaccine (manufactured by Merck) had been contaminated with SV40. He also indicated the likelihood that SV40 is the source of AIDS: “I didn’t know we were importing AIDS.”

He nevertheless defended the contaminated vaccine stating: “it was good science at the time because that was what you did. You didn’t worry about these wild viruses…”
The taped interview was never aired for fear of liability; but it was submitted to the Library of Congress and in 2011 was posted on YouTube.

How did these two viruses of primate origin get into the gay male population to cause AIDS and a contagious form of cancer? Can the AIDS epidemic in the US can be traced directly to CDC’s experiments? Given the lethal nature of these two combined viruses, it is likely that many, if not most, of the men in the CDC experiment eventually died of AIDS. The actual number of AIDS deaths among the men in the experiment has never been revealed, nor have their medical records been studied. Efforts to obtain this information have been rebuffed invoking the “confidential” nature of the experiment to deny access. Read more… (Alan Cantwell, MD., Gay Vaccine Experiments and the American (Not African) Origin of Aids, 2011; The Virus Cancer Program, 2005

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