December 10

Murderous Nazi doctors who debased civilized medicine were recruited

U.S. CIA and military secret service officials also offered asylum to the Nazi doctors who debased civilized medicine having used their medical knowledge to murder thousands of disabled German patients under the Nazi “euthanasia” killing programs. First, they used phenol injections; then they conducted pilot tests using carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) in mobile gas vans and gas chambers, prior to its use to exterminate millions of Jews, gypsies, Soviet P.O.Ws and other “undesirables”.  These U.S. officials sought the Nazi doctors who had conducted abominable chemical and biological experiments at the University of Strasbourg; who conducted monstrous large-scale physiological, biological and surgical experiments at Dachau, Auschwitz, and other concentration camps; and doctors who had perfected cheap and efficient methods of mass murder and genocide. And they sought Nazi doctors with expertise in extreme interrogation techniques—i.e., torture.

Whatever Hitler’s technical brain trust might offer, Nazi scientists were inextricably linked to the dark side of Nazi science–its quest for Aryan domination through genocide. At the same time that an American Military Tribunal at Nuremberg was prosecuting 23 high ranking Nazi doctors and SS administrators for medical war crimes and violating moral principles; and as the world learned about the scope and magnitude of Nazi medical crimes against humanity—CIA and Pentagon officials involved in Operation Paperclip discarded fundamental American as well as universal moral values and principles.

In fact, U.S. officials were determined to recruit high level Nazi scientists, engineers, aviation experts, chemists and physicians who had planned, designed, tested and produced the technology for Hitler’s weapons of mass destruction, including biochemical and germ warfare, using slave labor whom they abused until death then replaced with others who were similarly abused. CIA and Pentagon intelligence officials violated a Presidential order when they secretly offered a safe haven to many of the vilest Nazi war criminals whose murderous crimes they completely disregarded— thereby demonstrating their own nefarious morals.

Teams of American technical intelligence officials accompanied by university academics — e.g., Louis Fieser of Harvard (inventor of napalm) and Carl Baumann of University of Wisconsin — traveled to Germany in search of Nazi scientists. Brigadier General Charles E. Loucks, Chief of U.S. Chemical Warfare Service (CWS) of the European Command (EUCOM), hired several of Hitler’s chemical engineers. They include Dr. Walther Schieber, a chemist and engineer, a brigadier general in the SS and senior official in the Speer ministry, and a strong proponent for the use of weaponized Tabun and Sarin. Schieber brought six other chemists and engineers; and Prof. Richard Kuhn, director of the Institute of Chemistry at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg, a Nobel Prize winner whose expertise was the physiological action of nerve agents. Kuhn synthesized Soman, the most deadly of all Nazi nerve agents. U.S. military officials shipped tons of chemical weapons to Edgewood Arsenal and hired some 30 Nazi chemical warfare experts, “some of whom were later transferred to Edgewood Arsenal to continue their work on American soil.” [Tucker, 2007]

In effect, the scientific teams wore blinders. Dazzled by German technology that was in some cases years ahead of our own, they simply ignored its evil foundation—which  sometimes meant stepping over and around piles of dead bodies—and  pursued Nazi scientific knowledge like a forbidden fruit. The teams often included American scientists and military personnel who were familiar with the Germans’ work and tended to view them as colleagues.” (Hunt. Secret Agenda, 1991)

Annie Jacobsen’s book, Operation Paperclip (2014) focuses on 22 high level scientists of whom at least 11 were doctors of medicine; 8 had worked side by side with Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, or Hermann Goring; 15 were dedicated members of the Nazi Party; 10 also joined the ultra-violent, Nazi paramilitary SS squad; two wore the Golden Party Badge presented by Hitler; six stood trial at Nuremberg, a seventh was mysteriously released; an eighth was tried in Dachau for war crimes; one was convicted of mass murder and slavery, but was granted clemency and hired by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Many if not most of the Nazi recruits were initially judged by Departments of State and Justice Officials as posing a threat to U.S. security. (See Jacobsen’s Rogue’s Gallery ; see also, <link> Rogues)

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