Reporting adverse reactions / noncompliance with ethical standards

Report all adverse drug reactions to the FDA:

Report noncompliance with ethical standards in research:
Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) Compliance and Oversight:
Main Telephone Number: (301) 496-7005

Other links to sources of information

NEUROLEPTICS: a bibliography of recent reports in the journal literature:

Center for Science in the public interest Database:

Healthy Skepticism:

Guinea Pig Zero:

Institute for Health Freedom advocates for freedom of choice:

International Coalition for Drug Awareness:

Mad in America:

National Vaccine Information Center:

No Free Lunch:

Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Information:

Public Citizen:

RedFlagsWeekly confronts healthcare issues, and more:

Research Round Table:

Support Coalition International:

Thomas J. Moore’s Website:
Thomas J. Moore is a healthcare authority and author. His book, Prescription for Disaster, focuses on the risks of the most widely used prescription drugs.

Vaccination News:


Alan Milstein (Sherman, Silverstein, et al_SSKRP)

Steve Hanlon (Holland and Knight) “Dignitary Harm”

Andy Vickery (Justice Seekers)

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