August 24, 2019

Sexual abuse of patients by psychiatrists is hardly rare. In 2016, Health Research Group of Public Citizen

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Sexual Assault by Psychiatrist: Yale Medical School Failed to Act for 25-Years

November 18, 2014

Physicians were not pawns of the Nazi regime; they legitimized mass murder. In contradiction to the myth

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1943–1945: The German Medical Profession’s Role in the Atrocities; Dwarfs who Survived Auschwitz

June 27, 2013

Part 1: The parameters of ethical research are under pressure from a coterie of stakeholders who blur

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Medical Research Stakeholders Seek to Overturn Informed Consent Protection

September 14, 2012

EXAMPLES demonstrating a collision between FDA safety officers and FDA leadership:   ·         In 1995, Dr. Leo

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Safety Issues: FDA Scientists Collide with FDA Managers

September 8, 2012

 EXAMPLES demonstrating a collision between FDA safety officers and FDA leadership:   In 1995, Dr. Leo Lutwak,

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FDA Scientists Collide with FDA Managers Re: Safety Issues

May 14, 2011

MEDSCAPE Anti-Vaccine Proponents Claim Court Paid for Autism Cases Experts Say Erroneous Conclusion Due to False Definition

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Pace Vaccine Court Study

October 3, 2010

A New York Times report (below) reviews what has been accomplished by multiple civil and criminal lawsuits

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Lawsuits, Just the Cost of Criminal Marketing of Antipsychotic Drugs

March 18, 2010

Two disturbing news reports below: 1.UK Daily Telegraph reports about a covert CIA experiment on French civilians

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Obama Threatens Veto / CIA Experiment Spiked French Bread with LSD

February 22, 2010

Medical ethics requires that in any research involving human beings, "the benefits, risks, burdens and effectiveness of

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Columbia University Blood Experiment Revisited_TRUTHOUT

October 25, 2009

Carle Foundation Hospital is one of 400 federally designated community research sites comprising a network of 3,400

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Research Uproar: Cancer Clinic Investigation Broad Implications

October 24, 2009

The debate about fraudulent research, tainted medicines, gross violations that put human subjects at risk of death,

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10- Year University Cover-Up: Unethical BleedingExperiment_Huffington Post

March 19, 2009

The evidence uncovered by litigation against AstraZeneca underscores the disconnect between the company's internal acknowledgement that the

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AstraZeneca Documents Contradict Positive Spin of Seroquel Data by Prominent Psychiatrist

April 27, 2008

  ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION 142 West End Avenue, Suite 28P New York, NY 10023

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Letter of Complaint Re: FDA Double Agent

March 20, 2007

The prescription drug user fee act (PDUFA, 1992), which is up for renewalthis year, linked the Food

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The Damaging Impact of PDUFA and Why It Should be Repealed