US Gov Medical Experiment Radically Departs from medical “Best Practices”

The US government is initiating several radical medical experiments that will ensure widespread, increased use of mostly toxic drugs whose adverse effects trigger chronic, debilitating illnesses.

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GMC Damning Wakefield Verdict Does Not Address Autism-Vaccine Validity

Given multiple prior investigations of Dr. Wakefied’s 1998 paper, why did it take the Lancet editors 12 years to discover a lack of proper IRB approval? Continue reading →

Is the Schizophrenia Mortality Study in The Lancet CREDIBLE?

Unless the overall treatment and services provided to schizophrenia patients in Finland is unique and especially protective—which the authors do not suggest—their claimed findings of lowered mortality rates for antipsychotic drug users are belied by a consistent body of evidence. 

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Marketing Trumps Safety: the case of Antipsychotics

"The story’s pretty clear, and pretty embarrassing for the profession of psychiatry, which has allowed itself to be led by marketing," says Dr. Robert Rosenheck, Yale. Continue reading →

Does the FDA have the authority to trump the Declaration of Helsinki?

The FDA is sliding rapidly down the slippery slope, abandoning widely accepted, international ethical research standards articulated in the internationally accepted, Declaration of Helsinki–to facilitate commercial medical experiments.
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