4-year old Rebecca Riley,a Casualty of Psychiatric “Treatment”_BostonGlobe_NYT

“To me one of the miracle of children’s brains is that we don’t see more harm from these treatments.” Continue reading →

Lilly -Zyprexa Casualties-$1.2 Billion Settlements-More Casualties_NYT_WSJ

Eli Lilly's latest Zyprexa settlement will not affect civil or criminal investigations pending over Zyprexa from state attorneys general and federal prosecutors, which are continuing. Continue reading →

Glaxo denies “disease mongering”_Selling Bipolar questioned_PLoS

Under the influence of pharmaceutical companies, physicians anhd drug companies engage in "disease mongering."  Below is a critique of Dr. David Healy’s essay: Dr. Nassir Ghaemi who argues for the legitimacy of bipolar diagnosis. Continue reading →