Reputations for Sale ? BMJ-BBC-Panorama-Seroxat/ Paxil

BBC-Panorama–third in a series: The Secrets of Seroxat.  "In the interests of patients and professional integrity" is to show those who have sold their reputations "intolerance and exposure." Continue reading →

Pfizer CEO Urges Staff to Mobilize & Lobby Congress Against Drug Price Controls

To gain insight into how a pharmaceutical giant is revving up itsr troops to lobby Congress against the legislation. See Pfizer CEO’s directive to the entire staff exhorting them to mobilize and lobby Congress to vote against drug price controls.   

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Glaxo denies “disease mongering”_Selling Bipolar questioned_PLoS

Under the influence of pharmaceutical companies, physicians anhd drug companies engage in "disease mongering."  Below is a critique of Dr. David Healy’s essay: Dr. Nassir Ghaemi who argues for the legitimacy of bipolar diagnosis. Continue reading →