If you cannot attain knowledge without torturing a dog, you must do without knowledge.” George Bernard Shaw, The Doctor’s Dilemma.

The Nazis agreed and decreed “an absolute and permanent ban on vivisection… to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain. [1933]

But German physicians proceeded to conduct unspeakably cruel, debilitating, often lethal experiments on men, women, and children; deliberately infecting them, mutilating them, and dissecting them for further research. The experiments were conducted by high ranking academic physicians within a coherent, rational, scientific framework with complete disregard of the humanity of the subjects.

Less well-known, though equally abhorrent medical atrocities were committed by high ranking Japanese academic physicians under the auspices of the Japanese Imperial Army in China.

Our trust in doctors stems from the expectation that physicians are bound by the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” But, “medicine as a profession contains the rudiments of evil, and some of the most humane acts of medicine are only small steps away from real evil.”[ Grodin, 2010] Modern physicians’ training encourages physicians to develop a distinctive clinical detachment so that they can dissect human bodies and perform surgery. A renowned 18th century anatomist called this detachment “a certain inhumanity”. [Hildenbradt, 2014]

Physicians in the 20th century confirmed his insightful, if unsettling discovery at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes, University of Heidelberg, Imperial Japan’s Unit 731, Tuskegee, Willowbrook, U.S. Public Health Service, Ft. Detrick, National Institutes of Health, NIH-ARDS Network, NIH-Neonatal Network, Harvard, MIT, Statesville Prison, Holmseburg Prison, Bellevue, Creedmoor, NY Psychiatric Institute, University of Cincinnati, University of California, Stanford, University of North Carolina, University of Cincinnati, Johns Hopkins Kennedy Krieger….

Eugenics provided the pseudo-scientific rationale and impetus for unconscionable medical research and coercive public health policies. Eugenics—a.k.a. “racial hygiene” — propelled physicians in Nazi Germany, Austria, and Japan to commit medical atrocities. Eugenics continues to be at the root of discriminatory U.S. public health policies and reprehensible government-initiated experiments that should never be conducted on human beings.  


A Chronology of Unconscionable Human Experiments

Part 1: Experiments before WW II

Part 2: Nazi Medical Atrocities: 1932-1945 — the Doctors Trial at Nuremberg

Part 3: Japanese Medical Atrocities: 1930-1945 

Part 4: U.S. Atrocities WW II / Cold War
                           Pt 5: Operation Paperclip
                           Pt 6: U.S. Soldiers: Poison chemicals
                           Pt 7: Radiation Experiments

Part 8: CIA Mind Control: 1950-1980

Part 9: CIA Torture Experiments: 2002 —

Part 10: Children Victimized  

Part 11: Recent Experiments: 1980 to Date

List of References at the end of each Part.

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