January 18

1980: A lawsuit was filed against the CIA by a former patient of Dr. Ewen Cameron

The first MK-ULTRA mind control lawsuit filed against the CIA was on December 11, 1980. Shortly afterwards another patient of Cameron became a co-plaintiff. Eventually, the number of Canadian plaintiffs was nine. William Casey, the newly appointed director of the CIA ordered the legal staff to delay any court hearings for as long as possible, hoping that the elderly plaintiffs might die and the case would die with them. The case made it to trial in 1988, and the plaintiffs and the CIA reached a settlement in October 1988 for $750,000.

‘‘I think the whole thesis of our case was that this program of human subject experimentation was shot through with negligent and callous disregard of the welfare of the subjects. It’s an ends-justifying-the-means mentality that I hope we’ve seen the last of.’’ (James Turner, Esq. NYT, 1988)

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