Conflicts of Interest Undermine Safety for Human Subjects

Widely disparate perspectives are presented in an article in the Maryland Daily Record re: The Court of Appeals of Maryland decision (Gimes v Kennedy Krieger Institute, Aug 16, 2001). That 6-to-1 landmark decision severely criticized the practice of exposing healthy children to risks of harm in health related research. Children, we must bear in mind, are powerless to exercise that inviolable human right, the right to refuse to assume risks for research.

Will this decision undermine the legitimacy of research that puts healthy children at risk in clinical trials? AHRP believes it will, and that the decision will be sustained by other courts in other states.

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Comments on AHRP Amicus Brief (Kennedy Krieger)

Following the August 16, 2001 landmark decision of the Maryland Court of Appeals, the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) became interested in the case involving exposure of children to lead paint. We were particularly drawn to the Court’s clear and unambiguous recognition of the rights of children and their families to appropriate safeguards in medical research settings.

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AHRP Amicus Brief – Kennedy Krieger Institute

Text of AHRP Amicus Brief filed with the Maryland Court of Appeals in support of the Court’s ruling against Kennedy Krieger Institute for exposing children to lead poison in an experiment. The Court of Appeals Decision Validates AHRP’s Stand Against Using Children in Harmful Research Experiments.

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