Protecting Human Subjects in Research: Are Current Safeguards Adequate?

Protecting Human Subjects in Research: Are Current Safeguards Adequate? AHRP Testimony submitted to Congressional Committee April 23, 2002 Vera Hassner Sharav, President, and John H. Noble, Jr., Ph.D., steering committee member, The Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP), before the Subcommittee on . . . Continue reading →

2005: “Cheaper than Chimpanzees” by Vera Sharav

On behalf of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, or AHRP, I want to thank the members of the Committee, for this opportunity to share with you our understanding of the complex problems presented by medical research involving vulnerable populations, such as prisoners and children. We appreciate your difficult job, and recognize that you will need to exercise courage in your assigned mission, which is to protect prisoners from research abuse and exploitation.

“Courage,” in this context, means the courage to acknowledge uncomfortable facts about current practice and to speak truth to power, Continue reading →

AHRP Testimonies and Presentations

AHRP Testimonies and Presentations Sep 8, 2005: AHRP Testimony: NYS Hearing –AIDS Drug /Vaccine Experiments on Foster Children July 18, 2005: Cheaper than Chimpanzees Statement by Vera Hassner Sharav before the Committee on Ethical Consideration for Revisions to DHHS Regulations on Protection . . . Continue reading →

America’s Overmedicated Children – Vera Sherav

AMERICA’S OVERMEDICATED CHILDREN By Vera Sharav YOUTH and MEDICINES in June 1-3, 2005 KILEN: Consumers Institute for Medicines and Health SWEDEN “Forgotten Children” is an investigative report by Carole Keeton Strayhorn,[1] the Texas Comptroller (2004) who uncovered evidence that 60% of children . . . Continue reading →

Testimony of Meryl Nass, MD – Senate HELP Committee, Subcommittee on Bioterrorism

Thank you for the opportunity to submit this testimony for the record.

My name is Meryl Nass, M.D., and I have worked for the past twenty years as an emergency physician and internist in community hospitals in the northeastern US. I have also studied many aspects of bioterrorism since 1989. I am the person who first demonstrated, in 1992, that one could investigate an epidemic retrospectively, and prove that it was due to biological warfare, using Rhodesia’s 1978-80 anthrax epidemic as a model.[1]

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Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act of 2002

Comments submitted by The Alliance for Human Research Protection
to The National Academy of Sciences
Committee of the Institute of Medicine on Clinical Research Involving Children

AHRP has been closely monitoring pediatric research trends since passage of the FDA Modernization Act of 1997. We believe that medications used in children should be thoroughly tested for safety, effectiveness and appropriate dose. But unlike adults who can exercise their autonomous right to informed consent, children who are enrolled in clinical trials are non-consensual human subjects. They should not, therefore, be made to assume the burden of testing possibly toxic drugs whose safety is unknown.

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AHRP Testimonies re: Fatal ARDS Lung Experiment

On June 10, 2003, a panel of experts convened by the federal Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) heard presentations by critics who had filed complaints about $37 million government sponsored, multi-site experiment conducted by major academic institutions participating in the ARDSNetwork, and by the ARDSNet investigators who defend the trial.

The experiment tested two extreme, rarely used methods of mechanical lung ventilation in 861 critically ill, vulnerable patients suffering from acute lung disease (ALD) or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

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Should the EPA Accept Human Pesticide Experiments?

Testimony by Vera Hassner Sharav before the Committee on the Use of Third Party Toxicity Research with Human Research Participants; Science, Technology, and Law Program; The National Academies of Science Committee on the Use of Third Party Toxicity Research with Human Research Participants

My name is Vera Sharav and I am the president and founder of The Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) a citizens’ watchdog organization monitoring human research to ensure that the moral principles enshrined in the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki are preserved and followed in experiments involving human beings.

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Protecting Human Subjects in Research: Are Current Safeguards Adequate?

Current federal regulations set no limits on the level of risk that a competent adult may voluntarily choose to undertake for the sake of science. The regulations require prior approval by a review board (IRB) to ensure the research meets scientific and ethical justification, to ensure that the risks and benefits (if any) are fully disclosed to the subject, and that the subject can exercise the right to give or withhold informed consent.

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AHRP Amicus Brief – Kennedy Krieger Institute

Text of AHRP Amicus Brief filed with the Maryland Court of Appeals in support of the Court’s ruling against Kennedy Krieger Institute for exposing children to lead poison in an experiment. The Court of Appeals Decision Validates AHRP’s Stand Against Using Children in Harmful Research Experiments.

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Testimony Re: Research Involving Children

Submitted to the Office of Human Research Protection
by Vera Hassner Sharav and Marie M. Cassidy, Ph.D, D.Sc.

AHRP recognizes that to include children in clinical trials for any medication presents a dilemma of truly Solomonic proportions. It is a choice between continuing the practice of prescribing untested drugs for children, as is currently the operational system, or conducting meaningful trials to determine both safety and effectiveness.

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