The Global Polio Vaccination Policy Serves as a Cautionary Tale

Recent news reports confirm the worst fears: the oral polio vaccine has caused crippling paralysis because live strains of the oral polio virus in the vaccine have mutated and have become virulent. The global War on Polio Appears to Have Backfired National . . . Continue reading →

Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatments

Risks: Drugs / Vaccines / Trials / Treatment Evidence of antidepressant harm Oct 14, 2005: Andrew Finkelstein Letter to Dr. Russell Katz, Director, Neuropharmacological Drug Products, FDA about FDA’s Failure to Warn about Neurontin-Suicides Aug 29: FDA Response to Utah Court Must . . . Continue reading →

Evidence of Neuroleptic Drug-Induced Brain Damage

Evidence of Neuroleptic Drug-Induced Brain Damage in Patients: A partial, Annotated Bibliography by Vera Hassner Sharav ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (AHRP) 142 West End Ave. Suite 28P New York, NY 10023 212-595-8974 FAX: 212-595-9086 e-mail: For distribution: January, 2000 Although . . . Continue reading →