May 20, 2011

"There comes a time when the political branches have so completely and chronically failed to respect the

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18 US Veterans Commit Suicide daily

July 24, 2010

An independent report by Janne Larsson, analyzes the 2007 suicide data documented by the Swedish National Board

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Swedish Suicide Data 2007: Majority Treated With Psych Drugs

April 16, 2010

The Harvard study,  published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, evaluated 827 suicidal acts (801

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Specific Anticonvulsants Increase Suicide Risk

February 9, 2009

America’s Medicated Army by Mark Thompson, is an unusually balanced, informative, insightful article that sheds light on

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America’s Medicated Army + New Studies Linking SSRI to Suicide

July 28, 2006

Were the drugs to blame? 1. CNN reports:  Jessie Gilbert, 19 year old prodigy chess player plunged

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3 Suicides:Antidepressants involved: Chess Prodigy,19; lawyer, 50; child, 11

July 7, 2006

Noting that controversy over the safety of antidepressants (and COX 2 inhibitor drugs) has shaken public confidence,

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Did regulators fail over SSRIs? BMJ

May 12, 2006

A faith-based belief system masquerading as science is collapsing under the weight of evidence that has, for

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GSK Reverses Decade of Denial: Paxil Triggered Suicide in Adults

March 1, 2006

 It is estimated to represent 1 in 100 adverse drug events that occur. However, as there is

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UK-MHRA Drug-Related Suicide Reports_Yellow Card

March 1, 2006

The lead author is Dr. David Healy, an internationally recognized authority both as a psychopharmacologist and a

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Comparison of Suicide Rates in Treated Schizophrenia Patients Found 20-Fold Increase

January 10, 2006

Dr. Temple is quoted in the FDA "Pink Sheet" stating: "The new study bears only a tangential

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FDA: NIMH SSRI Study Flawed–No Comparative Untreated Group