AHRP Press Release Children Policy Recommendations

AHRP Recommendations for the protection of children in clinical research

(1) Federal regulations are predicated on our moral responsibility to protect children – who are not volunteers – from being subjected to medical or behavioral experiments that are not in their best interest. Thus, federal regulations – 45 CFR 46 Sub-part D – restrict the use of children in medical experiments involving greater than minimal risk, if there is no potential medical benefit for them or their condition.

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Lawsuits & press info RE: SSRI addiction / suicide risk – not scientific literature

Lawsuits & press info RE: SSRI addiction / suicide risk–not scientific literature Fri, 25 Oct To gain knowledge about the scope of a serious threat to public health–i.e., severe adverse drug effects of antidepressant drugs– physicians and consumers must turn to the . . . Continue reading →

Canadian Lawsuit:Autism-Vaccine – Maclean’s

<p> Canadian Lawsuit:Autism-Vaccine – Maclean’s </p> <p> Mon, 11 Nov 2002 </p> <p> Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet: “It’s garbage to say there’s a reason to have residual neurotoxicity in an injectable for a child. It’s not a necessary risk.” </p> <p> While scientists . . . Continue reading →