Despite Undisclosed Deaths, 10 Heart Attacks FDA Allows Blood Substitute Experiment With No Conset

The Wall Street Journal reports: “The FDA is allowing Northfield [Laboratories, Inc] to test its blood substitute without the consent of the trauma patients, who often are unconscious.”
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‘Debate’- Case Against Scientific Validity of Mental Screens– NAS- Sci-Tech Policy Fellows Seminar

The importance of debate  in science cannot be overstated. Without the challenge of debate, science is dominated by "authorities" who provide only the veneer of science without substance supported by evidence. Correct url for power point:

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ADHD Drug Risks: Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Problems

"This is out-of-control use of drugs that have profound cardiovascular consequences. We have got a potential public health crisis. I think patients and families need to be made aware of these concerns."

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Safety of Newborn infants Threatened by Rx antidepressants during pregnancy

"During a hastily called press conference yesterday,” the FDA  announced that it is considering ADDITIONAL warnings on the labels of SSRI drugs—Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, et al. Continue reading →