Glaxo denies “disease mongering”_Selling Bipolar questioned_PLoS

Under the influence of pharmaceutical companies, physicians anhd drug companies engage in "disease mongering."  Below is a critique of Dr. David Healy’s essay: Dr. Nassir Ghaemi who argues for the legitimacy of bipolar diagnosis. Continue reading →

What’s wrong with American medicine?

The answer given by Dr. Joseph Britto, a pediatric intensive care physician, hits the nail on the head: "Unlike pilots, doctors don’t go down with their planes."
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Oregon Preschoolers Rx ‘adult’ psychotropic drugs_Portland Tribune

In the U.S. the two populations at greatest risk of inappropriate, coercive, dangerous prescribing of highly toxic psychotropic drugs as chemical
restraints are the elderly and children. Continue reading →

GAO Report Gives FDA Flunking Grade in Detecting Drug Dangers

“More than a year after the Food and Drug Administration announced it had strengthened its drug safety system, the agency still lacks a reliable system for keeping track of emerging problems, congressional investigators concluded in a report to be released today.” [Los Angeles Times, below]

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NJ: Mandatory Mental Screening Women_Pill Pushers: NO Science, Salesmanship_FORBES

Three reports illustrate the wide and deepening disconnect between medicine under the influence of pharmaceutical industry marketing goals and scientific evidence that contradicts current practice and public health policies:

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Conflicts of interest: psychiatry’s diagnostic manual DSM-III_DSM-IV

Dr. Robert Spitzer, who has continued to play a central role in DSM revisions since 1980, claim he does not think a conflict of interest exists.

See list of APA Task Force on DSM-IV and DSM-IV Revised Text at:

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