BEWARE! Obama Administration Preparing to Conduct Anthrax Vaccine Experiment on US Children

April 27, 2011: US Department of Health and Human Services Letter to National Biodefense Science Board seeks OK to Expose children to serious risks of Anthrax Vaccine.

July 1, 2005: Sen. Jeff Bingaman Letter of complaint to the Secretary of of Health and Human Services Stopped proposed Anthrax Vaccine Trial. in children. 

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Where Can One Find an Honest, Forthright Psychiatrist?

Following our March 15 Infomail/ post, "Inside Psychiatry’s Battle to Define Mental Illness," we received an e-mail from Dr. Allen Frances, objecting–in essence retracting his statements in an article in WIRED magazine by  Gary Greenverg.  Our response to Dr. Frances follows his communication. 

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Confidential Expert Witness Report Documents Psychiatrists’ Corrupt Practices

"From the start, the [Tri-University Schizophrenia Practice Guidelines] project subverted scientific integrity, appearing to be a purely scientific venture when it was at its core, a marketing venture for Risperdal."

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