The Health Care Racket_Paul Krugman NYT

"it's an arms race between insurers, who deploy software and manpower trying to find claims they can reject, and doctors and hospitals, who deploy their own forces in an effort to outsmart or challenge the insurers. Continue reading →

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Flu Vaccine–where is the evidence?

This is an addendum to yesterday's Infomail in which we disseminated disinformation issued by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).
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NIMH Chief Child/Adoles Research Blows Wind out TeenScreen Sails_ Los Angeles Times

"Some politicians, public health officials, mental health activists and pharmaceutical companies have worked to establish mental-health screening programs in schools and the community….Researchers and clinicians, meanwhile, say they are far from having developed accurate predictors of a child developing depression. The younger the child, the murkier the crystal ball." Continue reading →

FDA Smoke & Mirrors Musical Chairs

FDA Smoke & Mirrors Musical Chairs Wed, 16 Feb 2005 Amidst widespread public criticism of the FDA’s role as facilitators in the marketing of lethal drugs that killed thousands of people, the Administration made several announcements incorporating terminology (such as: “we’re in . . . Continue reading →