March 11, 2011

The increasingly high number of DEATHS in the US military–from suicides, accidental overdose, and, increasingly, lethal drug

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Military Deaths Linked to Prescribed Psych Drugs

February 26, 2011

On February 11th and 12th, 54 mental health experts from 13 states, including 22 psychiatrists met in

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Oregon Symposium of 54 Mental Health Experts Urge Paradigm Shift

February 25, 2011

"House Bill 23 hits a rare political sweet spot. The proposal to create an independent clinic review

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States to Enact Laws to Curb Drugging of Children

February 22, 2011

The FDA has just issued an alert to healthcare professionals–in particular, psychiatrists and obstetricians about the serious

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FDA MedWatch- Antipsychotics Class Label Change

September 23, 2010

Added to the high risk of drug-induced metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, sudden death…a new large

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Another Risk of Death Linked to Atypical Antipsychotics

September 14, 2010

Despite evidence of harm–including the suicide of a 7-year old Gabriel Myers– the FDA, which is charged

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FDA Urges Florida Not to Bar Foster Kids From Psych Drug Trials

September 10, 2010

According to a report by the Associated Press, the FDA has approved expanded use of Merck’s toxic

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FDA Expands Market for Another Toxic Antipsychotic

September 2, 2010

A “must read” front page article by New York Times reporter, Duff Wilson, “Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks

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Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Antipsychotic Drugs for Young

June 13, 2010

A report in BNET, the business publication, by its pharmaceutical industry analyst, Jim Edwards, reveals that GlaxoSmithKline

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Glaxo Is Testing Paxil on 7-Year-Olds Despite Well Known Suicide Risks

May 20, 2010

MEDCO Drug Trend report (2010): children who are covered by health insurance are the drug industry’s fastest

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Pharma Targets Children– Fastest Growing Market for Rx Drugs

May 5, 2010

“Your failure to conduct the requisite safety measures contributed to the unnecessary exposure of pediatric subjects to

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Another Florida Child a Casualty of Lethal Psych Drug Cocktail

May 5, 2010

A new study by a group of investigators (CERT) from Rutgers University and Columbia University show that

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Psychiatric drugging of American children is cause for alarm

April 30, 2010

Thanks to a series of riveting reports by Carol Marbin Miller of the Miami Herald, the circumstances

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12-Year Old Denis Matez: Dead of Psych Drug Cocktail Rx by Psychiatrist

March 30, 2010

Over the years, as he witnessed the wholesale practice of sedating young children with powerful toxic, psychotropic

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Parity Likely to Increase Wholesale Sedation of Children