Infomail 2004

News Stories on Human Research Protection and
Commentary by Vera Hassner Sharav

Dec 31: FDA to review “missing” drug company documents

Dec 30: Family of Woman Killed by AIDS Drug Test Sues Doctors, Manufacturer

Dec 30: Doctors, Too, Ask: Is This Drug Right?

Dec 29: Bill would shield some drug firms from punitive damages

Dec 29: NYSOMH Issues Alerts, Guidelines re Antidepressant Use in Children, Teens

Dec 28: What’s a Patient to Think? Prescription for Confusion – NY Times Editorial

Dec 27: Big Pharma’s Dirty Little Secret

Dec 27: Boston Scientific Sold Defective Stints Amid Alarming Data / 22% Medical Device Follow-up Not Done – Boston Globe

Dec 26: Doctor Tells Pfizer Sales Rep who promoted Celebrex: “Have You No Shame?”

Dec 26: Calls Mounting for FDA Revamp / Americans Are the most medicated population in the world – DHHS

Dec 25: Elliott Spitzer walks away from prosecuting coporate crimes

Dec 23: FDA Foot Dragging – Three Months After Expert Panel Urged “Black Box” Warnings for Antidepressants, No Action

Dec 23: Doctor calls President’s mental health Screening Initiative “Crazy” – UPI

Dec 22: NIH: Public Servant or Private Marketer?

Dec 21: For the Sake of Public Safety FDA & NIH Must Be Detatched from Drug Industry

Dec 20: A Frustrated Psychiatrist Abandons Her Practice to Get Out from under “Evaluating and Medicating”

Dec 19: Grassley Calls for Safety Review /Unsafe Drugs Marketed to Consumers / FDA Lacks Leadership

Dec 18: Worldwide Drug Industry Ailing – PhaRMA Giants Reeling Blockbuster Drugs Found Hazardous

Dec 16: Credibility Crisis: Survey FDA Scientists – Death in NIH-AIDS Trial – Tauzin Moves to PhRMA

Dec 15: NIH AIDS Research Chief Rewrote Safety Report – AP

Dec 15: Children’s Mental Health in the 108th Congress: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Dec 15: I hope you all believe in Santa Claus

Dec 14: NIH Expert on Safe Drug Research Seeks Whistleblower Protection

Dec 13: Consumers Union launches “Prescription for Change” drug information Campaign

Dec 13: Forbes: Face of The Year: David Graham

Dec 13: AP Exclusive: Top US Officials at NIH Knew of AIDS Drug Risks and Failed to Inform White House

Dec 10: Sen Grassley to Offer Mandatory Drug Data Registry Bill

Dec 9: FDA Condones False Advertising about anthrax vaccine

Dec 9: ABC “Primetime Live” Investigation reveals evidence that drug makers suppressed antidepressant info

Dec 8: “Profits” / “Prophets”_NYT Editorial: Industry Distortion of the F.D.A.

Dec 7: Hoffman LaRoche Rebuffed Call to Monitor Accutane Users – USA Today

Dec 6: FDA Strong Drug Ties-Less Monitoring – UK MHRA

Dec 5: British Medical Journal: Something is rotten at the heart of FDA / Glaxo faces class action suit

Dec 4: Pfizer Must Hand Over Documents in Pitman Case

Dec 3: Leading ADHD Researcher Blows Whistle on Concerta & CHADD

Dec 2: Safety of American Drugs Questioned – Assoc Press

Nov 30: Free Academic Drug Tests – NYT Editorial Delivers Fatal Blow to Leaders of Psychiatry

Nov 30: BBC 2: Guinea Pig Kids: Vulnerable NYC foster children forced to test AIDS drugs

Nov 29: FDA Underhanded Tactics Against Medical Officer Who Blew the Whistle

Nov 29: Contracts Keep Drug Research Findings Concealed – NY Times

Nov 22: Warning-Caution – Antidepressant Dilemma – NYT Magazine

Nov 18: Daniel Troy Legacy: Public Virtually Defenseless against Unsafe Drugs

Nov 18: FDA Is Flexing Less Muscle where Safety is the Issue – Wash Post

Nov 17: FDA Chief Counsel, Daniel Troy, Resigned

Nov 16: Just Say No – Forbes

Nov 15: FDA’s Double Standard Re: Advisory Committee Membership

Nov 13: Texas Foster Care Investigation – Children as young as 3 are drugged with antipsychotics

Nov 12: FDA Protects Pfizer: Removes Advisory Panelist for Citing Evidence Bextra Similar to Vioxx – WSJ

Nov 12: Children and antidepressants – CNN Financial Today

Nov 11: British Shake-up for drug licensing body

Nov 10: Prescription Drug Industfry: The Insiders – AARP Bulletin

Nov 10: EPA Suspends Study on Kids And Pesticides

Nov 8: VIOXX WITHDRAWAL: FDA to Join Audio Conference on November 10

Nov 7: FDA’s Lethal Weakness Requires More than Committees

Nov 5: Medicare Will cover New Treatments But Patients Will be Required to Enroll in Clinical Trials

Nov 5: Bush’s plan to screen for mental health meets opposition in Illinois – British Med J

Nov 3: US Gov Pesticide Exposure Experiments: Target Children–$970 per child – Wash Post

Nov 1: Complaint to FDA: Pfizer Failed to Disclose Zoloft Suicide Risk in NYT Adverstisement

Oct 31: Go Slow on Mental Health Screening: Dr. Effrem Responds to New Freedom Commission Chair

Oct 28: Judge Bars Military from Forced Anthrax Vaccine – Victory for Infomed Consent Doctrine

Oct 26: Take Action: Just Say No to Stigmatizing Screening and Unsafe Drugs

Oct 25: How Health Care in America Became Big Business–And Bad Medicine – OpEd NYT
Zoloft NYT Ad Fails to Disclose Suicide risk

Oct 22: Screening for Mental Illness–A Diabolical, Profit-Enhancing Experiment

Oct 20: Efforts to promote Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia symptoms

Oct 18: Sen Grassley Expands Investigation – Why did FDA approve Vioxx for Children???

Oct 15: FDA Orders Black Box Warnings on Antidepressants labels and Patient Information Guides to Warn about Suicide risk

Oct 12: How Did the Vioxx Debacle Happen? USA Today / Lancet

Oct 11: FDA Anthrax vaccine documents show pentagon lied

Oct 10: FDA Officials Tried to tone Down Report of 27,000 heart attacks on Vioxx – WSJ – WashPost

Oct 4: Op Ed: Psychiatry on the Ropes–WP / Evidence-based Psychiatry

Oct 3: BBC PANORAMA TONIGHT – Taken on Trust – 13 years-Medical Deception

Sep 30: GSK Sales Reps told NOT to Divulge Paxil Data / Merck Withdraws Vioxx

Sep 28: SEC Focusing on Drug Makers Disclosure_ Continuing Medical Ed Changes

Sep 22: Will the Cong Oversight / Investigations Committee Ask FDA the Tough Questions?

Sep 21: 18% decrease SSRI use in Youth – NYT / Suicide Risk Not New – Globe / Prozac no different

Sep 19: Govt Prozac study Recommends MANDATORY Screening & Drugs – “Overdosed America”_OpEd NYT

Sep 16: Black Box Warnings for Antidepressants – What’s Next?

Sep 16: Tell the Truth About Antidepressants On Drug Labels & in Medical Journals

Sep 12: AHRP Press Briefing Re: Antidepressant Drug Risks

Sep 8: FDA Forced Wyeth to REMOVE Suicide Warning from Effexor Label

Sep 2: Antipsychotic Drug Use Doubled since 1996 in Tennessee Children – Why?

Aug 13: Time for a Drug Test Registry_Marcia Angell_Why NIH is Not Up to the Task

Aug 13: Bradshaw cancels appearance after SSRI-Citizen Press Release Announced Protest

Aug 12: US Research Community May Take Lessons in Medical Ethics from Cambodian Prostitutes

Aug 11: Two-thirds foster care children in Mass on psych drugs_Globe
Psychiatry: Soviet Experience–American Fallacy

Aug 10: Prozac in Drinking Water / Prozac in Streams Hurt Frogs fish / Newborns suffer Withdrawal

Aug 6: Psychiatrist Scolds the APA After Winning Distinguished Fellow Award/ NYC Sues 44 Pharma Companies

Aug 5: Pfizer issues prosecutors a manual to defend drug – Star Ledger

Aug 5: Spitzer Expands drug Probe: Johnson & Johnson / New FDA analysis Confirms SSRI Risks to Kids – WSJ

Aug 4: FDA Approves Lilly’s Cymbalta for Depression Despite Risk of Suicide

Aug 3: Drug safety Hearings-Sept-Congress/ FDA – Lilly Plans to Disclose Data

Jul 27: Fast growing business: Unethical clinical trials in India – Asia Times

Jul 27: Bill Moyers: the Real Show…Congressional hearing was abruptly cancelled

Jul 26: Pfizer Lawsuits: Zoloft / Neurontin Concealed Evidence: Suicide Risk/ Lack of Efficacy

Jul 26: Mosholder Suppressed Report Posted/ Bush Moves to Block Medical Suits – NYT

Jul 24: Janssen Pharma Admits Hiding Risperdal Drug Risks / TMAP & Illinois Mental Health Screening Plan

Jul 23: Government sanctioned Assault on Children and Pregnant Women

Jul 22: Concealed Drug Trial Results Mislead Doctors & Put Children’s Lives at Risk – NYT

Jul 21: Cong Greenwood’s version

Jul 21: Hearing on Antidepressants Canceled – Washington Post

Jul 20: Corruption of Cong by Pharma: Greenwood offered job / drops Pharma hearing

Jul 20: Loren Mosher dissident psychiatrist obits

Jul 19: Clinical Trials Controversy Spotlights Flawed System – Psychiatric News

Jul 18: Cong hearing on July 20 is postponed

Jul 16: Congressional Hearing: What did drug companies & FDA hide?

Jul 15: Cong. Hinchey calls for ouster of FDA Counsel – Sen. Bingaman & Reed tell FDA: disclose all trial info

Jul 14: Statin-Cholesterol Guidelines–Industry influenced?

Jul 13: Cong Hinchey Rebukes Daniel Troy, Chief Counsel FDA, for financial conflict of interest

Jul 13: Dr. Loren Mosher, 1933 – 2004

Jul 10: Cong Hinchey PRESS CONFERENCE Re: Drug Co. Influence on FDA

Jul 9: FDA Squelches an Article Raising Doubts on Safety Of Device to Repair Artery – WSJ

Jul 9: Paxil for Children: Safety, Efficacy Aren’t Established – Letter WSJ

Jul 8: Public Ranks Drug Industry at Bottom With Oil, HMOs, Tobacco – Harris Poll

Jul 7: Pharma Influence: Penn Psychiatrist Files Whistleblower Lawsuit – Investigtion Confirms Medicare Chief Lied to Congress

Jul 7: Cong Hearing Re: Disclosure Pediatric SSRI Trials

Jul 6: FDA Failed to Enforce Law Requiring Drugmakers to Disclose Test Data – WashPost

Jul 6: Double Dipping at NIH: “the Gaming Must End” – Editorial WashPost

Jul 2: Bayer drops legal action against Friends of the Earth re: Concealed pesticide data

Jul 1: Harvard Study: Multivitamins Effective in Thwarting AIDS progress

Jun 30: Response to Washington Post Editorial "Missing Drug Data"

Jun 30: NYS AG Expands Pharmaceutical probe – Forest Labs

Jun 29: FDA Alert: Effexor warnings added for neonatal adverse effects and suicidality risk

Jun 28: Scientists Decode Secret of Getting NIH Grants – WSJ

Jun 27: NIH Under Fire: Longtime Favorite of Congress – Wash Post / WSJ

Jun 26: Forest Labs Admits Concealment of data – Congressional Probe Expands

Jun 25: Pharma Efforts to Bar Placebo Responders from Trials – WSJ

Jun 24: Bush Plans to Screen Whole US Population for Mental Illness – BMJ

Jun 23: AHRP: Published NIMH Funded Prozac Trial Report Concealed Suicide Attempts by Teens

Jun 21: Antidepressants – USA Today Editorial / AHRP OpEd/ WSJ Editorial Bashes Spitzer

Jun 20: HMO physician applauds Spitzer’s focus on information bias / NYT blind spot

Jun 14: Guardian Reports: MHRA to Issue New SSRI Restrictions / Warnings for Adult Use

Jun 12: Bad Medicine – Editorial – Guardian UK

Jun 10: Antidepressant drug induced Suicides: Evidence of “Iceberg effect” Revealed

June 8: Glaxo chief executive angry over NYS AG lawsuit – Telegraph

Jun 7: Paxil induced suicides in US quantified – Glaxo Faces criminal action in UK over “suicide” pills – Times

June 7: Unlawful drug marketing: GlaxoSmithKline & 4,000 doctors Face Criminal Charges in Italy

Jun 6: NY Times Editorial Gets it Right: When Drug Companies Hide Data

Jun 5: “Black Hole” of medical research–Negative Results Don’t get Published – JAMA, WSJ

Jun 3: Spitzer’s Lawsuit Will Shake Up the Drug Industry – Full Disclosure is the Goal

Jun 2: NYS Attorney General files suit against GlaxoSmithKline

Jun 2: NY Times Does it Again – Drug Advertisers Get Front Page Coverage to Boost SSRI Market

May 26: Australian Judge blames Paxil & Effexor: mom free of murder attempt

May 25: FDA role in suppressing damaging data – WSJ

May 24: More than 100 top regulatory officials represented industry as lobbyists, lawyers… – Denver Post

May 21: US Preventive Services Task Force: No evidence that screening for suicide reduces suicide

May 19: Bristol Myers Squibb Takes Serzone off the market on June 14 – AP

May 18: Lawmakers accused leaders of the NIH of encouraging “the option of corruption.”

May 17: More Spent on Psych Drugs for preschool kids than antibiotics or asthma – AP

May 16: Pfizer Admits Guilt in Promotion of Neurontin–Agrees to Pay $430 Million

May 13: Prescriptions for antidepressant declined 10%

May 10: “The scariest thing is that nobody knows” risks of depression drugs for children

May 6: Doctors Without Borders: Why you can’t trust medical journals anymore

May 8: Comprehensive scientific review concluded: All pesticides pose serious health risks to humans–especially children

May 7: NIH Panel Recommendations Fail to Resolve Conflicts of Interest

May 5: The Evidence base: rock of certainty or shifting sands? – BMJ

Apr 30: An Open Letter to Officials of the National Institute of Mental Health

Apr 26: Recycled drugs: failed antidepressants– Stratera marketed for ADHD; Cymbalta for incontinence

Apr 22: What’s in a Warning? Antidepressants and Risk of Suicide – FindLaw

Apr 21: Data from Unpublished Trials Suggest that Most SSRIs Unsuitable for Children

Apr 19: NIH Rule change Re: Whistle blowers – Comments before June 15

Apr 19: Antidepressant Use in Children Soars Despite Efficacy Doubts – Washington Post

Apr 19: NYU Students Drugged – NY Post

Apr 16: Expert FDA Report: SSRI Suicide risk – SF Chronicle / NYT/ NJ Ledger/ AP

Apr 13: Doctors Without Borders: Why you can’t trust medical journals anymore

Apr 10: Meta-Analysis: Efficacy & Safety of Antidepressants for Children – BMJ

Apr 6: Int’l Registration of Clinical Research WHO

Apr 2: Rate of Preschool Kids Prescribed Antidepressants Skyrockets – Cong Investigates FDA

Apr 1: Congress & the White House must remedy a prescription for danger

Mar 28: Conflicts of Interest policy – New York Times

Mar 26: FDA Bad Faith – Daniel Troy’s pre-emption defense – Nat’l Law Journal

Mar 25: Antidepressant Controversy: Media Conflicts of Interest – New York Times

Mar 22: FDA Asks Antidepressant drug companies to add Cautions on labels

Mar 20: Ethics of Non-Consensual Human Experimentation – NPR

Mar 18: Sen Domenici Blasts NIH doctors calling them “pigs” – The Hill

Mar 16: Prescriptions And Profit – CBS News 60 Minutes

Mar 14: Ex-NIH Director Lifted conflict of interest rules, Now favors limits on Drug-Company Ties – LAT

Mar 2: Ethics Policy Announced for NIH Officials – LAT

Feb 29: HIV Foster Babies, Children Used to test safety of Experimental Drugs – NY Post

Feb 25: Member of UK Parliament Accuses Drugs Giant of ‘Voodoo Medicine’ – Scotsman

Feb 19: Nat’l Academy Sciences Supports human toxic pesticide experiments

Feb 16: GlaxoSmithKline CEO: “We had to absorb a number of hits”

Feb 13: Lilly duloxetine drug trial–19 Quit after a suicide – Philadelphia Inquirer

Feb 12: 20% volunteers drop out after suicide in Eli Lilly’s duloxetine trial

Feb 11: Update: 19 year old volunteer suicided in Eili Lilly laboratory

Feb 10: Healthy 19 year old volunteer suicides at Eli Lilly laboratory

Feb 6: Prescription for Suicide? TIME MAGAZINE

Feb 5: Failed Paxil drug tests in children concealed – Guardian UK

Feb 5: Cong Committee Chair Requests antidepressant drug FACTS

Feb 4: Advisory Committee tells FDA: strengthen warnings on SSRI drug labels now

Jan 29: Antidepressant Makers Withhold Data on Children – Washington Post

Jan 25: ACNP Summary Report Criticized as “Junk Science”

Jan 21: ACNP – a pharmaceutical industry funded association of psychiatrists – claims SSRI Antidepressants don’t increase suicidal behavior

Jan 19: Critics of NIH Studies Prompt Senate Hearing – WashPost

Jan 15: NIH ethics review

Jan 10: What Parents Aren’t Being told about their Kids Antidepressants – A Suicide Side-Effect? – SF Chronicle

Jan 9: Zolft pediatric study in JAMA challenged by peers – JAMA letters

Jan 5: A Psychiatrist’s Toxic Shock to Antidepressant – NYT

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