March 20, 2007

The prescription drug user fee act (PDUFA, 1992), which is up for renewalthis year, linked the Food

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The Damaging Impact of PDUFA and Why It Should be Repealed

January 22, 2007

Below are excerpts from two timely articles that offer persuasive arguments backed by evidence demonstrating that litigation

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Role of Litigation in Defining Drug Risks_JAMA / BMJ

December 11, 2006

The ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (AHRP)Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and PRESS BRIEFING Bullet points: Critique

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Critique of FDA’s latest SSRI Data Analysis

November 26, 2006

A recent engaging column by Sharon Begley, Wall Street Journal (below), underscores the importance of publishing both

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Negative Research Results–Mostly Concealed in Journals_SharonBegley, WSJ

October 3, 2006

Shankar Vedantam of The Washington Post reports (below) “a study published yesterday overturns conventional wisdom about antipsychotic drugs,

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Antipsychotics, Newer Isn’t BetterDrug_Washington Post front page

June 27, 2006

The published correction issued by the NEJM to Merck’s critical study of of its painkiller Vioxx, contradicts

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NEJM Vioxx Safety Correction / Consumers International Accuses Industry–Unscrupulous Marketing

June 6, 2006

Blissfully unaware that she’s been fed junk science, Boston Globe reporter, Carrey Goldberg transcribes rubbish dictated by

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Intermittent Explosive Disorder-a parody

June 3, 2006

This follows an investigation by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). According to EWG press release (below), the

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Real-Life Epilogue To “Erin Brockovich”: Medical Journal Retracts Fraudulent Chromium/Cancer Study

May 25, 2006

In the wake of the extraordinary acknowledgement this month byGlaxoSmithKline that the clinical trial evidence shows that

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Trial Analyst Finds Embarassing Inconsistencies in NIMH Flawed Safety Study

March 14, 2006

Psychiatry’s drug prescribing practices rest on a myth debunked by Jeffrey Lacasse and Jonathan Leo in their

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FDA Psychopharm Advisory Chair Acknowledges No Evidence for SSRI Chemical Imbalance Claims_CMAJ