UCSD Researchers Disregard Human Subject Protections

Millions of people around the world participate in research trials each year, whether for personal, financial or humanitarian reasons. They submit their DNA, organs, body chemistry or personal history to studies that aim to better society. A substantive investigative news report by . . . Continue reading →

10- Year University Cover-Up: Unethical BleedingExperiment_Huffington Post

The case is so egregious that OHRP officials have taken the rare action of demanding that Columbia University track down the patients involved in the experiment and their families, and acknowledge that they never were informed about the “true nature” of the drug study, the risks they faced or the consequences of their participation. Continue reading →

FDA Underhanded Tactics Against Medical Officer Who Blew the Whistle

FDA Underhanded Tactics Against Medical Officer Who Blew the Whistle Mon, 29 Nov 2004 The Food and Drug Administration is the epicenter of a collision between medical officers in the drug safety office and senior officials in managerial positions whose focus is . . . Continue reading →

Staff Survey Confirms FDA Officials Tamper with Science_ Grassley Seeks Investigation of FDA

Bloomberg News reports (below) that Senator Charles Grassley has asked the Inspector General to investigate collusion between FDA officials and Merck. Citing handwritten notes prepared by a Merck executive document a meeting with FDA division director, Brian Harvey, suggesting a joint effort . . . Continue reading →