Accountability Demanded – NYC Foster Children AIDS drug trials

The efforts of AHRP to hold the medical research community and government administrators accountable for unethical exploitation of vulnerable children in medical experiments conducted in violation of federal regulations. Continue reading →

Vicissitudes of Psychiatry’s Diagnostic Manual Revisions

The latest area of controversy focuses on the proposed revision of the definition "behavioral addiction disorder" extending the addiction diagnosis to include drug, alcohol and gambling.  It is estimated that the change would expand the number of people labeled as "addicts" by 20 to 30 million who would be entitled to treatment and disability payments costing taxpayers many hundreds of millions of dollars. Continue reading →

Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children

"Consumer protection laws were enacted to regulate product safety and advertising aimed at children… the “best interests of the child” became a touchstone for legal reform. But the 20th century  [ ] witnessed a momentous shift, one that would ultimately threaten the welfare of children: the rise of the for-profit corporation."

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Parity Likely to Increase Wholesale Sedation of Children

"For her last month of life, Kifuji overall prescribed 835 pills to Rebecca….If what Dr. Kifuji did in this case is the acceptable standard of care for children in Massachusetts, then there is something very wrong in this state."  

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Psychiatric Drug Mix for Young On Shaky Grounds_ NYTimes

The lead story in The New York Times on Thanksgiving day (below) acknowledged several facts demonstrating that children are the victims of major medical malpractice:

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Go Slow on Mental Health Screening: Dr. Effrem Responds to New Freedom Commission Chair

Go Slow on Mental Health Screening: Dr. Karen Effrem responds to New Freedom Commission Chair, Michael Hogan – Wash Times Sun, 31 Oct 2004 A letter to the editor in the Washington Times – Go slow on Mental Health Screening – by . . . Continue reading →

Screening for Mental Illness–A Diabolical, Profit-Enhancing Experiment

Screening for Mental Illness–A Diabolical, Profit-Enhancing Experiment Fri, 22 Oct 2004 Concerned citizen groups are joining our effort to stop the government from implementing a sweeping recommendation for lifetime screening for mental illness. If implemented, the first to be screened for hidden . . . Continue reading →

Pediatric Drug Tests – CNN / NYT Editorial

October 18, 2002. Pediatric Drug Tests_CNN / NYT Editorial Children are increasingly being exploited for profit by the biomedical industry. Between 1983 and 1997, children had been protected from medical experiments that are not in their best interest. But in 1997 Congress . . . Continue reading →