Significant Shadowy Financial Conflicts of Interest Behind Persecution of Andrew Wakefield

The difficulty of identifying academic experts who have not crossed over to the commercially funded research was acknowledged by Dr. Marcia Angell, just before she relinquished her position as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine (“Is Academic Medicine for Sale?” . . . Continue reading →

NIMH Scientist Charged with Criminal Conflict of Interest

CORRECTION: An Associated Press article about a federal criminal case accusing Dr. P. Trey Sunderland III of improperly accepting consulting fees from a drug maker, misstated the level of the charge against him. Dr. Sunderland was charged with "non-willful" criminal violation, a misdemeanor which carries a maximum one year prison term and $100,000 fine. It is NOT a felony, which is punishable by more than one year prison term.

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FDA Proposals Fail to Ensure Independent Drug Safety Assessment

In essence FDA proposals merely change the seating arrangement on the deck of the sinking Titanic. Eli Lilly announced that it intends to seek FDA approval for a long-lasting injectable form of Zyprexa (taken once a month). 

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Pfizer CEO Urges Staff to Mobilize & Lobby Congress Against Drug Price Controls

To gain insight into how a pharmaceutical giant is revving up itsr troops to lobby Congress against the legislation. See Pfizer CEO’s directive to the entire staff exhorting them to mobilize and lobby Congress to vote against drug price controls.   

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NEJM- Caught Covering Up for National Kidney Foundation–an indudstry front group

Readers of the New England Journal of Medicine should be forewarned:  The information in the pages of the NEJM is tainted by industry influence, its professional and scientific integrity are tainted. Continue reading →

IRB Forum Not Inclined to Discuss the Most Serious Issue of All

Unssuccessful effort to engage debate within the community of the authorized clinical research gatekeepers charged with protecting the safety and welfare of the human subjects of research–i.e., members of institutional review boards (IRBs–REBs in Canada). Continue reading →

Flu Vaccine–where is the evidence?

This is an addendum to yesterday's Infomail in which we disseminated disinformation issued by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).
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