Psychiatric Treatment to Prevent Teen Suicide Found Useless

January 8, 2013 Study Questions Effectiveness of Therapy for Suicidal Teenagers By BENEDICT CAREY Most adolescents who plan or attempt suicide have already received at least some mental health treatment, raising questions about the effectiveness of current approaches to helping troubled youths, . . . Continue reading →

Psychiatry’s “Desperate Cures?” Electric Switches for Depression?

An OpEd in The New York Times (below) is trumpeting psychiatry’s latest “cure” for depression: it requires surgical implantation of electrodes in the brain, continued “maintenance” with powerful psychotropic drugs, and it costs $40,000. Continue reading →

Humbling Reality–Treatments for Depression Often Fail_Boston Globe

The Boston Globe reports (below): “More than 50 years after psychiatrists began widely dispensing drugs to treat mental illness, the profession is coming face to face with a humbling reality: Its treatments often fail, leaving millions of patients [  ] to suffer while doctors search for something that works.”
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Jane Pauley- from Steroids to mania to depression to Bi-Polar-to Drugs for Life

"After another four months or so on antidepressants, bringing me to a total of 10 months between the steroids and antidepressants, I was suddenly flipped into this hypomania."
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Depression-Serotonin: How Did So Many Smart People Get it So Wrong?_WSJ

"Serotonin and depression: A disconnect between the advertisements and the scientific literature."
"Some 19 million people in the U.S. suffer from depression in any given year. For many, SSRIs help little, if at all. To do better, we have to get the science right." Sharon Begley, Wall Street Journal

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