Woman died after electric shock therapy — another casualty of psychiatry’s interventions

UK Mirror, March 2016: “Woman Died After NHS Electric Shock Therapy Was Given Without Consent or Second Opinion” Senior Coroner Derek Winter, expressed concern to the UK Health Secretary about the circumstances that resulted in the death of a mentally ill woman . . . Continue reading →

FDA Scientists Collide with FDA Managers Re: Safety Issues

Since 1995 FDA scientists have been at odds against FDA managers who routinely override sientists’ safety concerns to approve dubious prescription drugs. Continue reading →

Heart Valve Rings Slip Through FDA Loophole

FDA’s lax approval process for medical devices has shielded  surgeons and manufacturers who have made a killing from a lucrative business venture. FDA has even awarded the seal of approval years after the rings were implanted in patients while still in the experimental stage–without their knowledge or informed consent. Continue reading →

Landmark Decision: Jury awards $635,177 Damages for Memory Loss from Electroshock

Landmark Decision: Jury awards $635,177 Damages for Memory Loss from Electroshock Fri, 8 Jul 2005 Below is a press release by Linda Andre, president of Committee for Truth in Psychiatry (CTIP) about the first ever lawsuit in which a jury found a . . . Continue reading →

Psychiatry’s “Desperate Cures?” Electric Switches for Depression?

An OpEd in The New York Times (below) is trumpeting psychiatry’s latest “cure” for depression: it requires surgical implantation of electrodes in the brain, continued “maintenance” with powerful psychotropic drugs, and it costs $40,000. Continue reading →

The Ball is in their court–Is FDA preparing to drop it?

On Wednesday, the FDA Pediatric Advisory Committee handed the agency a mixed message regarding warnings about selective list of
psychotropic drugs prescribed for treating ADHD symptoms. Continue reading →