May 3, 2016

The Video National Public Radio: “This is a program that has some very vocal critics. They say

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Almost 50% of teens Screened for Mental Health Were Referred for Psychiatric Intervention

March 23, 2011

A month after a report by a committee appointed by the National Academy of Sciences, at the

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Report Faults Army in 2001 Anthrax Mailings

March 15, 2011

In our era, psychiatry as a profession has suffered a significant loss of credibility: the most influential

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Inside Psychiatry’s Battle to Define Mental Illness

March 11, 2011

The increasingly high number of DEATHS in the US military–from suicides, accidental overdose, and, increasingly, lethal drug

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Military Deaths Linked to Prescribed Psych Drugs

March 30, 2010

Over the years, as he witnessed the wholesale practice of sedating young children with powerful toxic, psychotropic

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Parity Likely to Increase Wholesale Sedation of Children

March 18, 2010

Two disturbing news reports below: 1.UK Daily Telegraph reports about a covert CIA experiment on French civilians

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Obama Threatens Veto / CIA Experiment Spiked French Bread with LSD

March 17, 2010

In 1997 Congress passed a law–FDA Modernization Act (FDAMA)–encouraging the use of children as human subjects in

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Psychiatrist who conducted drug trials on children who suicided getsWarning from FDA

January 15, 2010

After many years of controversy, the overwhelming evidence shows that psychiatrists and general practitioners have been misprescribing

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Antidepressants shown worthless for most consumers

October 21, 2009

Recent independent reports analyzing various barometers measuring the effect of American medical practice guidelines and consequent treatment

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Americans Hostage to Profit-Driven Healthcare System

July 17, 2009

A study purporting to analyze mortality rates of 66, 881 schizophrenia patients in Finland (1973 to 2005)

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Is the Schizophrenia Mortality Study in The Lancet CREDIBLE?

June 9, 2009

The new generation antipsychotic drugs were all approved without proof of efficacy–they were approved to treat psychosis

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Did FDA Include Evidence of Brain Damage Caused by Antipsychotics?

June 7, 2009

FDA officials are ignoring the real world tragedies–drug-induced deaths of children. Unfortunately for the children, child psychiatrists

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Is FDA Bipolar or Complicit in Legitimizing Illegal Marketing?

June 4, 2009

Just as the FDA is convening an advisory committee hearing (June 9-10) about whether to expand the

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Marketing Trumps Safety: the case of Antipsychotics

March 18, 2009

A front page report by Shankar Vedantam in The Washington Post (below) about AstraZeneca's manipulation of research

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AstraZeneca Silenced Drug Study Creates Uproar_WashPost