Letter of Complaint to FDA Commissioner, 2007


Complaint about a surge of FDA administrative approvals for expanded use of highly toxic antipsychotic drugs for children. Approvals were determined by Dr. Thomas Laughren after secret deliberations–without disclosure of scientific data, without  an advisory panel or open public discussion.  Continue reading →

“Real Men, Real Depression” Marketing Masquerading as Medical News_Newsweek

The pharmaceutical industry’s latest antidepression drug marketing campaign is being launched with collaboration of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) “Real Men, Real Depression campaign http://menanddepression.nimh.nih.gov/infopage.asp?ID=1 Continue reading →

Lilly -Zyprexa Casualties-$1.2 Billion Settlements-More Casualties_NYT_WSJ

Eli Lilly's latest Zyprexa settlement will not affect civil or criminal investigations pending over Zyprexa from state attorneys general and federal prosecutors, which are continuing. Continue reading →

Assaultive Prescribing of Psych Drugs for Children

Australian psychiatrist: "Does anyone else see tardive dysmentia after atypicalantipsychotics?"

U.S. Doctors are prescribing the antidepressant, Effexor (150mg) for infants under age one!

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Psychiatrist Challenges Ethics of Yale Drug Experiment

The ethics of this radical drug experiment is being challenged by Dr. Jerald Block, a forthright psychiatrist and experienced system's analyst. His critical appraisal, published in the Bioethics Forum, Hastings Center Report. Continue reading →

Treating children as young as 4 for bipolar – WSJ

Treating children as young as 4 for bipolar – WSJ Thu, 26 May 2005 A report in The Wall Street Journal should raise serious concerns about the legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosing and drug prescribing for children. The Journal reports that close to . . . Continue reading →