Lawsuits, Just the Cost of Criminal Marketing of Antipsychotic Drugs

"When you’re selling $1 billion a year or more of a drug, it’s very tempting for a company to just ignore the traffic ticket and keep speeding.” Continue reading →

AHRP Letter to Harvard Re: Dr. Biederman’s Research


AHRP proposes a multi-disciplinary team of independent scientists to review ALL of Dr. Joseph Biederman’s publications and supporting documents, including: research protocols, consent forms, and the original (of course, anonymized) data sets with associated code books for all pediatric studies. Continue reading →

Florida Antipsychotic Pre-Approval Requirement Protects PreschoolChildren

The State of Florida has established a pre-approval requirement to protect preschool children on Medicaid from being exposed to the hazardous effects of antipsychotic drugs. That step has prompted "a seismic change" in doctors’ inappropriate prescribing of antipsychotics for preschool children: the . . . Continue reading →

Sen. Grassley Letter to Harvard: Biederman Research Protocol Breaches

The most shocking disclosure is that Dr. Biederman’s study testing powerful antipsychotics in PRESCHOOL CHILDREN "was beset by breaches of research protocol," Continue reading →

Letter of Complaint to FDA Commissioner, 2007


Complaint about a surge of FDA administrative approvals for expanded use of highly toxic antipsychotic drugs for children. Approvals were determined by Dr. Thomas Laughren after secret deliberations–without disclosure of scientific data, without  an advisory panel or open public discussion.  Continue reading →

What’s New? – Alliance for Human Research Protection

To view AHRP news and infomails from 2006, please visit our new site. Infomails Subscribe to AHRP’s infomails At FDA, Graham is still the whistle-blower Loss of Trust: Big Drug Makers See Sales Decline With Their Image War hero’s death in clinical . . . Continue reading →

Featured News

AHRP Speaks Out AHRP Press Briefing 9/14/04: Antidepressants & suicide-related risks for children Open Letter to NIMH re Prozac & Concealed Suicide Attempts Open Letter to Officials at NIMH AHRP Briefing 2/2/04: Scientists present suicide evidence Conflicts of Interest policy – New . . . Continue reading →

Pre-School Children on Ritalin 2/13/02

  AHRP InfoMail Declaration of Helsinki Nuremberg Code Hippocratic Oath Return to Home Page Prescribing Ritalin for Pre-Schoolers FYI A Feb. 4, 2002 press release by The National Institutes ofHealth (NIH) announces a new "finding" by researchers from theNational Institute of Environmental Health . . . Continue reading →

More Spent on Psych Drugs for preschool kids than antibiotics or asthma – AP

More Spent on Psych Drugs for preschool kids than antibiotics or asthma – AP Mon, 17 May 2004 Data analysis by MEDCO, the nation’s largest prescription benefit manager found that between 2000–2003 there was a 49% increase in the use of psychotropic . . . Continue reading →