NEJM Vioxx Safety Correction / Consumers International Accuses Industry–Unscrupulous Marketing

Once again, the New England Journal of Medicine (July 13, 2006) has had to eat crow after it published false and misleading clinical trial findings.
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Industry’s Role–NYT_Just how much ‘new research’ can we trust? Sunday Times

“There is a crisis of credibility in medicine and science,” says Dr Joseph Sonnabend who, as a former virologist for the Medical Research Council and a retired Aids physician, has watched the basis for public confidence decline.
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Bitter Pill: NEJM Waited 5 Years to Report Missing Data from published Vioxx Study_WSJ

A documented report by David Armstrong of The Wall Street Journal (below) shatters the last glimmer of illusion about The New England Journal of Medicine as a bastion of scientific and moral integrity. Continue reading →

FDA Psychopharm Advisory Chair Acknowledges No Evidence for SSRI Chemical Imbalance Claims_CMAJ

"Biological psychiatrists have looked very closely for a serotonin imbalance or dysfunction in patients with depression or obsessive compulsive disorder and, to date, it has been elusive," says Dr. Wayne Goodman, Chair of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee.


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‘Debate’- Case Against Scientific Validity of Mental Screens– NAS- Sci-Tech Policy Fellows Seminar

The importance of debate  in science cannot be overstated. Without the challenge of debate, science is dominated by "authorities" who provide only the veneer of science without substance supported by evidence. Correct url for power point:

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