Unexamined Drug Epidemic–the Elephant No One Wants to See


“Prescription drug therapy stands as one of the most significant perils to health resulting from human activity.” What’s the FDA doing to stem the tide of this preventable epidemic? Continue reading →

Letter of Complaint to FDA Commissioner, 2007


Complaint about a surge of FDA administrative approvals for expanded use of highly toxic antipsychotic drugs for children. Approvals were determined by Dr. Thomas Laughren after secret deliberations–without disclosure of scientific data, without  an advisory panel or open public discussion.  Continue reading →

Psychiatric Drug Mix for Young On Shaky Grounds_ NYTimes

The lead story in The New York Times on Thanksgiving day (below) acknowledged several facts demonstrating that children are the victims of major medical malpractice:

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NY Times Whitewashes Ritalin Experiment in Preschool Kids

NY Times Whitewashes Ritalin Experiment in Preschool Kids Sat, 16 Nov 2002 A story in The New York Times magazine about a controversial government sponsored drug experiment avoids examining the tough issues. Instead, it describes the growing pains of an apparently normal . . . Continue reading →