Children’s Euthanasia & the German Society of Pediatrics

“Children’s Euthanasia & the German Society of Pediatrics – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinderheilkund (DGK)  The Nazi “children’s euthanasia” program was a unique phenomenon in the history of humankind; psychiatrists and pediatricians targeted and systematically murdered disabled children as the means for realizing . . . Continue reading →

Holocaust Bibliography of Recent Scholarly Publications

A Holocaust Crossroads: Jewish Women and Children in Ravensbrück, edited by Irith Dublon Knebel, 2010 Harmut Hanauske-Abel. Not a Slippery Slope or Sudden Subversion: German Medicine and National Socialism in 1933, BMJ, 1996 Yehuda G. Adam. Justice in Nuremberg: The Doctors’ Trial . . . Continue reading →