ACRE–A High Powered Harvard Stealth Pharma Front Group

ACRE’s mission is to persuade  physicians that MORE rather than less industry involvement in Continuing Medical Education programs is good for patients–much as industry’s "Harry and Louise" ads were aimed at convincing the public that universal healthcare was BAD for them. Continue reading →

Rx for Antipsychotc Drugs for Children Begin To Decelerate_WSJ

This is a result of public awareness–thanks to information uncovered during litigation, by Sen. Charles Grassley’s investigative team, by whistleblowers, and the press! Continue reading →

Army Doctor Accused of Research Fraud Takes Leave From University

Given the serious charges against Dr. Kuklo–including fraud, forgery, and conducting an unapproved experiment on soldiers–the University of Washington’s failure to take action until a series of articles in The New York Times and pressure brought to bear by Sen. Charles Grassley, speaks volumes about a pervasive culture of arrogance in academia. Continue reading →