Statement by Vera Hassner Sharav, Anthrax Band Reunion Press Conference

My name is Vera Hassner Sharav, and I am president of The Alliance for Human Research Protection: a national human rights organization that exposes unethical research practices which undermine the dignity, rights, and safety of human subjects.

In 1947, an American military tribunal sat in judgment of the Nazi doctors at Nuremberg, and laid down ten essential principles that define “permissible medical experiments” in a civilized society. Those principles are enshrined in the Nuremberg Code which is the cornerstone of all medical research ethics. The nations of the world adopted the Code as a safeguard to prevent future medical atrocities.

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Ethics of Non-Consensual Human Experimentation — NPR

Ethics of Non-Consensual Human Experimentation – NPR Sat, 20 Mar 2004 Below is a transcript of an NPR discussion about the ethics of a non-consensual artificial blood experiment. The discussion was slanted toward proceeding with highest risk non-consensual experimentation on the basis . . . Continue reading →