AMA-JAMA to Investigate Following AHRP Complaint


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        March 27, 2009 AMA REQUESTS JOURNAL OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE REVIEW Statement attributable to: Joseph M. Heyman, M.D. AMA Board Chair   "The American Medical Association is owner and publisher of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) . . . Continue reading →

AHRP Letter of Complaint to AMA-JAMA


AHRP has sent a letter of complaint to the American Medical Association and the JAMA Oversight Committee calling for a public apology to Dr. Jonathan Leo by the AMA, a thorough investigation, the immediate suspension of the two editors involved, and a commitment to reviewing, clarifying and publishing JAMA’s editorial policies to protect against future violations of standards for professional conduct Continue reading →

Pharma Spin and Child Suicide Rates

Today's news reports about an increase suicide rate in 2004 offer an opportunity to witness how the media unwittingly disseminates pharmaceutical industry generated propaganda. Continue reading →

FDA Underhanded Tactics Against Medical Officer Who Blew the Whistle

FDA Underhanded Tactics Against Medical Officer Who Blew the Whistle Mon, 29 Nov 2004 The Food and Drug Administration is the epicenter of a collision between medical officers in the drug safety office and senior officials in managerial positions whose focus is . . . Continue reading →