Educing Information” a report issued by the Intelligence Science Board (ISB, 2006) is a comprehensive compilation about the scientific knowledge base of interrogation techniques since WWII that sought to address the question “What works?” methods that work in interrogations. It was a collaborative effort by U.S. interrogation experts from the Army, Navy, FBI, Counterintelligence, and Homeland Security who recognized the notion of reciprocity – that if we resort to torture, the terrorists will up the ante. The ISB report concluded that there is no evidence that reverse-engineered SERE tactics work, or that SERE psychologists make for capable interrogators. A military member who worked in the SERE community stated, “Getting somebody to talk and getting someone to give you valid information are two very different things.” (Eban. Rorschach and Awe, Vanity Fair, 2007)