Jane Pauley- from Steroids to mania to depression to Bi-Polar-to Drugs for Life

"After another four months or so on antidepressants, bringing me to a total of 10 months between the steroids and antidepressants, I was suddenly flipped into this hypomania."
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Doctors Back Ban on Gifts From Drug Makers_Journal Hypocrisy

"32% of the advertisements [in peer reviewed journals] misled readers regarding efficacy, 40% did not provide balanced descriptions of the side effects, and 44% could lead to improper prescribing if the physician did not use other sources of information regarding the drug." Continue reading →

Coalition letter to Charles Curie, Administrator, SAMHSA

We are, however, very distressed at what appears to us to be a significant discrepancy between your statements and the reality of SAMHSA’s role in implementing the NFC report recommendations, as well as other discrepancies between your statements and SAMHSA’s actions.
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