Are Drugs Always Needed for Schizophrenia? What does the Scientific Evidence Show?

“Medication-Free Research in Early Episode Schizophrenia: Evidence of Long-Term Harm?” An article in the Schizophrenia Bulletin, by Dr. John Bola that dares to question the validity of the unexamined treatment paradigm in schizophrenia:
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Disasterous Drug Trial_FDA New Rules Ensure More Disasters to Follow

Unless Congress acts to overrule the FDA, research disasters such as occurred in London, when six healthy men were exposed to an experimental substance that brought them close to death, are likely to occur with increased frequency. Continue reading →

“Some of the children were prescribed anti-psychotics, rather than discontinued from ADHD therapy.”

"That thing I’m worried about…where the MedGuide would help, where it might even warrant a black box, if this is common, where somebody hallucinates and then gets put on an anti-psychotic drug. That would really be something worth making sure it doesn’t happen,"
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Guinea Pig Gang: Meet U.S. Students Who Rent Their Bodies for Cash

A series of news reports may be a rude awakening to the fact that there are hidden, potentially lethal hazards of participating in clinical trials—and those hazards are concealed from the human guinea pigs who are enticed with promise of easy money. Continue reading →

The Ball is in their court–Is FDA preparing to drop it?

On Wednesday, the FDA Pediatric Advisory Committee handed the agency a mixed message regarding warnings about selective list of
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National Class Action Filed against Drug-maker for Paxil-induced Suicides in Youths

Below a press release from the lawfirm, Baum Hedlund, announces it has filed a class action lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline  charging the company with fraud, negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty in its marketing of Paxil (Seroxat) by concealing the risk of suicide.
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AHRP Recommends FDA Actions to Protect Children Rx ADHD drugs

AHRP Urges Actions to Minimize Risks for Children prescribed psychotropic drugs: Action is needed to protect children from widespread prescribing of psychoactive drugs for ill-defined behavioral symptoms.
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