Industry’s Role–NYT_Just how much ‘new research’ can we trust? Sunday Times

“There is a crisis of credibility in medicine and science,” says Dr Joseph Sonnabend who, as a former virologist for the Medical Research Council and a retired Aids physician, has watched the basis for public confidence decline.
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$29 Million Donations Tie Drug Firms and Nonprofits_Philadelphia Inquirer

An investigative report in The Philadelphia Inquirer examined pharmaceutical company ties to six, tax exempt organziations that identify themselves as “patient advocacy” groups, "Each a leading advocate for patients in a disease area.” 
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Director Yale Psychiatric Institute concedes “I don’t think drugs can prevent full-blown psychosis”_

Our criticism of a high risk, speculative drug experiment conducted on healthy children and adolescents at Yale University’s Psychiatric Institute was validated by a federal investigation: and our criticism is now validated by the principle investigator, Dr. Thomas McGlashan. Continue reading →

Shame on TIME Magazine–College Suicide Story is a Big Pharma Infomercial

A feature article in the current issue of TIME Magazine, “When Colleges Go On Suicide Watch” is a blatant example of an “infomercial” that extends pharmaceutical compay advertising pages into the news pages in TIME magazine.
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Bitter Pill: NEJM Waited 5 Years to Report Missing Data from published Vioxx Study_WSJ

A documented report by David Armstrong of The Wall Street Journal (below) shatters the last glimmer of illusion about The New England Journal of Medicine as a bastion of scientific and moral integrity. Continue reading →

Mentally Unfit Troops Forced to Battle in Iraq on Antidepressants_Hartford Courant

An investigative report in The Hartford Courant will undoubtedly lead to a Congressional investigation.
The report reveals that mentally unstable soldiers are being deployed to the Iraq front in violation of federal law.  Continue reading →