Pediatric Cardiologist Explains: The crucial health stat you’ve never heard of_Slate

Dr. Sanghavi provides us with a statistical reality-check by which to gauge for ourselves whether or not we should–or need not–take a  octor’s advice about starting a medical treatment for a speculated risk–rather than evidence of illness. Continue reading →

UK Chanel 4 Investigates: The Drug Trial That Went Wrong_Critique NEJM Editorial

“The Drug Trial That Went Wrong” is an investigative report by Chanel 4 (UK) about the circumstances surrounding the near fatal drug trial testing the safety of  TGN1412, a monoclonal antibody drug, conducted in March 2006 at London’s Northwick Park Hospital. [1]  It airs momorrow. Continue reading →

2 letters Re: Dr. Nemeroff Failure to Disclose Conflicts of Interest_WSJ

Success in academic psychiatry is not measured in the improvement of patients' mental health, but rather in quantifiable commercial tender.How many grants one brings to the university, how many publications one churns out each year, and how many corporate and professional advisory . . . Continue reading →

IOM Report Faults FDA Drug-Safety Process

A report by the Institute of Medicine is sharply critical of FDA’s drug safety monitoring system: "The report’s conclusions are striking and often damning – particularly when discussing the agency’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, known as C.D.E.R." 

Continue reading →

Antidepressants and Violence: Problems at the Interface of Medicine and Law_PLoS

Evidence of an association between violence and widely prescribed antidepressant drugs is the focus of this Infomail. Continue reading →