Senator Grassley Might Leave Finance Committee: A Break For Pharma?

The Hill , a newspaper covering congressional news, reports: "Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) is considering leaving his powerful post as senior Republican on the Finance Committee so that he can become the highest-ranking Republican on the Judiciary panel. To avoid a dramatic . . . Continue reading →

Institute of Medicine Calls for Doctors to Stop Taking Gifts From Drug Makers

The Institute of Medicine has issued  a “scolding,” “stinging,” and “damning” report about financial conflicts of interest in American medicine involving pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies.
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Does the FDA have the authority to trump the Declaration of Helsinki?

The FDA is sliding rapidly down the slippery slope, abandoning widely accepted, international ethical research standards articulated in the internationally accepted, Declaration of Helsinki–to facilitate commercial medical experiments.
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AHRP Letter to Harvard Re: Dr. Biederman’s Research


AHRP proposes a multi-disciplinary team of independent scientists to review ALL of Dr. Joseph Biederman’s publications and supporting documents, including: research protocols, consent forms, and the original (of course, anonymized) data sets with associated code books for all pediatric studies. Continue reading →

Culling the $$$ Evidence: National Alliance for Mental Illness

Grassley’s team has asked NAMI to disclose the specifics of its funding so that people with mental illness and their families, as well as the public and healthcare officials, can see for themselves how conflicted this advocacy group is. Continue reading →