November 12

ABC News Poll: Should Babies Be Given Prozac?? Vote NO

Apparently there is no limit to professional depravity in psychiatry.
The physician’s license to prescribe is being hugely abused.
The physician’s Oath to “do no harm” has been replaced by a ruthless business ethic–greed knows no limits

ABC News reports (below) that Dr. Jess Shatkin, director of education and training at New York University’s Child Study Center
speculates that 1 in 40 infants “or so” is “depressed.”

Bear in mind, there is no scientifically valid diagnostic tool–This is VOODOO psychiatry.
Hustlers working to increase their “client” population and their commercial value to psychotropic drug manufacturers.

The NYU Child Study Center is a threat to the health and welfare of children.

Big Pharma and the government are supporting the unprecedented assault and determination to leave no child or infant undrgugged

We urge you to Vote —

We need a letter writing campaign to stop the mad doctors from stunting infants’ development

The psychiatrists among you, please raise your voice –Help!

***** Update Sat. Nov 11, 8:20 AM**** PROZAC FOR DEPRESSED BABIES?
Doctors say one in 40 infants will experience depression.

Would you allow your baby to take antidepressants if doctors determined that he or she was depressed?

Absolutely not. It’s not safe.    5,450
No. Babies can’t be depressed.    612
Yes. If the doctors thought it was safe then I would be okay with it.  124

Total Vote as of Friday 1:30 PM:        6,186

Not a scientific survey.–but no duplicates accepted.

**When AHRP sent the Infomail last evening there were less than 900 votes–

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav
One in 40 Infants Experience Baby Blues, Doctors Say
Mental Health of Parents Can Have Effect on Child

Nov. 9, 2006 — – Parents do a lot of guessing on what could be troubling a fussy baby.
If he’s crying, he may be hungry or tired. But could he be depressed?
Any parent knows that young children have to be protected from a mind-boggling number of risks, but many will be surprised to learn that infant depression could be one of them.
“Babies can be depressed,” said Dr. Jess Shatkin, director of education and training at New York University’s Child Study Center. “It’s not a terribly common phenomenon. We think maybe one in 40 or so — but it can certainly happen.”

Although it’s not very common, there are two telltale signs of baby depression, experts say.
First, depressed babies do not exhibit a lot of emotion. Second, depressed babies may have trouble eating or sleeping, and may be irritable.
In Britain, a 4-year-old girl recently made news when her doctor said her depression was so serious, she may need antidepressants to treat it.
Stateside, new research on the brain has thrust infant mental health into the spotlight, but a young child’s life seems so easy. How does a baby get the blues?
“Children can be raised in all sorts of environments, very loving, nurturing and focused environments and environments that can be neglectful for the child or even damaging,” Shatkin said.

Research has long confirmed that genetics and brain chemistry play critical roles in the emotional health of babies and young children, but doctors stress that the mental health of the parent or caregiver also has a critical impact.
“The risk of a child being depressed or having a behavior disorder or an anxiety disorder, if that child has a depressed parent, is about three times that in the general population,” Shatkin said.

No matter what the cause, depression in babies can be treated and because young children are often highly resilient, intervening early can dramatically improve the emotional life of the entire family.
“It’s not like you’re going to put the 10-month-old on the couch and do psychotherapy with them, but you work with the family caregivers to try to get them to understand what’s going on with their child and to work with them on becoming more responsive and better parents,” Shatkin said.

What You Can Do
If you suspect your baby is depressed, see your pediatrician.
Parents should think of their child’s mental and emotional health as critical as physical health.
For more information on infant mental health, please visit

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